Simple black statuette made of laser-cut metal combined with a marble base.

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Metal trophy with the UV printing logo and the name of the event for the Powermax strength competition

Success has many faces and one of them is a commemorative award. At Winmed, we create unique trophies every day that honour the best athletes. Such an implementation is, for example, a statuette that we prepared for the Powermax strength competition. We made it from a metal panel that we cut with a laser. Precise cutting allowed us to obtain the original shape. On the surface of the trophy there is also a colourful print with a weightlifting motif. What’s more, we covered the whole thing with varnish to expose the colourful decorations even more. Ultimately the statuette looks beautiful and catches the eye.

Trophies that will make your event stand out

As an organizer of strength competitions, you know what kind of rewards athletes need. That is why, our company enables you to create custom trophies that fully meet your expectations. With us, you can create a trophy of almost any shape, size or form. You can choose from many top-quality materials and even mix them together. All this so that the award becomes your individual showcase, thanks to which you will stand out.

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Used materials:

Marble base

Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV printing

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