Winmed is a company where each running trophy becomes a unique symbol of your achievement. Our running trophies are not only a reward for perseverance and determination, but also an art of appreciating moments. We create trophies that delight the eye and inspire the spirit, celebrating every step that led you to the finish line.

Durable metal running trophies

Our company specializes in creating unique running trophies. Our metal trophies are not only a symbol of endurance and achievements, but also a unique work of art. Each running trophy is handcrafted by our experienced craftsmen, who put their whole heart and soul into it. They create a lasting sign of your determination and passion for running, adding brilliance to each triumph.

Elegant glass trophies for everyone

Our glass trophies combine elegance and durability. Using the latest techniques, we create beautiful, detailed running trophies that are not only durable but also extremely aesthetic. These refined trophies are the perfect way to appreciate the success of every runner. Whether it’s your first or hundredth running trophy, each of them will keep the glow of your achievement forever.

Innovation and tradition of column awards for running competitions

Our column awards are a unique combination of tradition and modernity. These exclusive running trophies are a great way to express admiration for runners who push the boundaries of their abilities. Made of the highest quality materials, with attention to the smallest details, column awards are a token of recognition for your commitment and dedication.

Creative combination of materials at your fingertips

Our offer also includes mixed media trophies. They combine different materials and techniques, which gives unique, artistic effects. Each running trophy in this category is a true work of art that emphasizes the individuality and character of the runner. These trophies make a resounding statement that a runner's achievements are not just the result of hard work, but also a source of inspiration for others.

Complement running trophy with unique medals for runners

Let's not forget about the medals! In our offer, you will find bespoke medals, printed cast medals, steel medals, and eco medals. They are not only symbols of achievement, but also beautiful mementos. We invite you to view our gallery of completed projects, which will inspire you to create your own unique running trophy or medal. Whether you are an event organizer or a runner wanting to immortalize your achievements, our medals will meet your expectations.

Whether you're looking for a running trophy for competitions or want to appreciate the achievements of an individual runner, at Winmed you will find the perfect product for yourself. We invite you to contact us and take advantage of our offer! Transform your achievements into a keepsake that will inspire others at every step of the running adventure.


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