Our relevant graphics department will take care of the design for you, and at no cost. Even the smallest concept sketch is enough for us to create your individual design.

Yes, some of the techniques used to make our medals we can mix materials together. An example would be a 1-2-3 medal, where we can mix materials together, such as plexiglass with plywood, plywood with engraving, etc.

The price includes a free design and minor revisions.

Openwork is simply the hollow space in a medal. The customer can include any number of them in his design in the case of bespoke medals and laser cut steel medals.

Our graphic designers prepare the design for you within 48 hours.

Depending on the complexity of the project and the graphics, our consultant will choose the right technique to produce the medal. We can place any graphics supplied by the customer on the medal, ensuring that even the smallest details, logos and fonts are reproduced perfectly.

The customer can order non-standard colours of medals such as red, green, blue, orange etc.

It is possible to order medals with ribbons as well as medals only or only ribbons if the customer already has medals.

The minimum quantity starts from one piece of cast medal , or cast medal with colour printing, and for steel medals the minimum quantity is 30 pieces.

Additional costs can be larger changes in the design, transport costs, or in the case of steel medal orders of less than 250 pieces – production preparation costs (14 €) and design preparation costs (14 €)

The production time for medals is as follows:

  • cast medals: from 4 weeks
  • cast medals with colour printing: from 2 weeks
  • steel medals: from 1 to 2 weeks (in case of sublimation ribbon – from 14 days)
  • eco medals – from 10 working days

The die begins its adventure in the graphics department. Computer scientists design it in the appropriate programs, including determining the shape, the inlet route of the zinc-aluminium (ZnAl) mixture into the mould, or the water to cool it. The designed die is sent to the CNC machine which creates a physical version of the mould from the file, which in the last stage is mounted into the casting furnace.

The die is included in the price of the medals. The price of the die is spread over each medal in the order, so the more medals you order, the less the die price is shown.

Of course it can! The cost of creating a die is not cheap, so in cases where a customer, for example, needs similar or identical medals for several editions of an event, we are able to keep the dies for up to six months, or even longer by individual arrangement.

Our medals, depending on the technique, are produced from 2 to even 10 mm thick. Cast medals are made from 3 to 6 mm and the standard thickness of such a medal is 4,5 mm.

There are 2 types of ribbon in our offer: standard and sublimation (both types are 90 cm long by default). A standard ribbon has 2 or 3 colours, while a sublimation ribbon is the customer's own idea and design – they can add text, graphics or logos to it, and choose the appropriate background. The sublimation ribbon, as opposed to the standard one, can have different widths – 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 mm respectively.

Depending on the destination country we need to transport the finished order to, we ship via UPS, or in the case of urgent orders or if land transport is not possible, DHL Express which transports the order by air.

For such people, we particularly recommend an option that will allow each medal to stand out while maintaining the “continuity” of the entire series of events. We are able to create a number of different designs that will link together like a jigsaw puzzle. Each medal will look original, and when all the medals are applied to each other, you will get a beautiful shape. This can be a very strong motivation for participants who want to persevere to get the whole puzzle. On top of that, in February 2022, thematically linked sets, e.g. medal + statuette, will be added to our offer.

Based on an interview, our consultant will ask you for information such as the budget of the project, the time left before the event or the quantity you are interested in and with this data he will choose the best possible option from our offer.