Glass trophies with engraving and colour print
Glass trophies with engraving and colour print

Elegant in every dimension

Glass trophies

There are countless ways to reward employees, athletes, or participants of various events. One of the most elegant and unique ways to honor winners is through glass trophies. In our wide range of such rewards, you’re certain to find a shape that perfectly fits your occasion. All our glass trophies can be ordered with individual personalization, even for a single piece.

The entire glass production, processing, and personalization takes place in our largest machine park in Poland. Thanks to a convenient location and quick order fulfillment, you can receive the finished award within a few days from the project’s acceptance to any country in Europe. Check out and learn more about our capabilities in the production of glass trophies.

Glass trophies in various shapes

A rich array of shapes

70+ Ready-Made Glass Shapes for Individual Personalization

Thanks to such a large number of glass shapes, everyone has a chance to find something suitable for themselves and match the glass trophy to the character of the event at which it will be presented. We use the highest quality and crystal clear glass, most of which we produce ourselves. Each one can undergo personalization.

Glass trophies in various shapes

The perfect setting for a glass trophy will be a suitable case that will emphasize the unique character of the statuette and bring out its beauty. At the same time, it will enable a wonderful presentation of the presented award.

Foam cases

– comfortable and perfectly suited to the glass
– modern-looking case
– ensures the safety of your award

Classic cases

– included in the set with some glasses
– soft and pleasant to the touch case interior
– ensures the safety of your award

Unique Character of Awards

Possibility of combining glass with different materials

For those looking for truly unique awards, we offer the possibility of combining glass with materials such as metal or wood. This combination provides many possibilities for creative design and allows for the creation of awards that are not only beautiful and aesthetic but also practical and functional. It is important that each such award is different and unique, which the awardees will certainly appreciate.

Custom glass trophy made from glass, wood and metal

Since each custom-made statuette is different, its implementation time is not strictly defined. It depends on the complexity of the project, the size of the order, and the intensity of production.

Usually, however, creating a glass award from scratch takes us about 2 weeks from the moment of accepting the project, so this needs to be taken into account in event planning and organization.

Custom glass trophy made from glass, wood and metal
Glass trophies in various shapes

Graphic design

Individual personalization of each glass statuette

We are specialists in award personalization with over 30 years of experience. We approach each order individually, and all our projects are carried out by experienced graphic designers.

How does it work? All you have to do is contact us and tell us about your dream award and the occasion it will be presented. We will want to get as much information from you as possible, as well as the elements needed for the project: logos, texts, names, etc. Then, this information will go directly to the graphic designer, who will transfer your vision to the project. After sending the project to you and obtaining your acceptance, we will bring it to life.

You will always receive a dedicated caretaker from us who will take care of your order. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your award will be unique and delivered on time.

LuxorJet print

Glass trophy with any color print

Glass trophies with color print open virtually infinite personalization possibilities for you. Thanks to the use of this technique, we can easily place any print designed by our graphic designers on the award.

Glass trophies with uv print
Personalized glass trophy with 3d effect

There are no restrictions on the number of colors, and the ability to use gradients and tonal transitions allows us to reproduce even the most complex designs. We use high-quality, durable inks that won’t fade or scratch off with time, ensuring your award remains as vibrant as the day it was made.

Glass trophies with uv print


Laser engraved glass trophies

Laser engraving on the front surface of glass awards is another interesting method of personalization. The laser engraving process involves using a laser beam that burns or damages the front surface of the glass, creating durable, contrasting, and clear patterns, letters, or graphics. Engraved glass trophy offers many advantages, such as precision, durability, ease of personalization, and the ability to mark even very small and complex patterns. Laser engraved glass trophies add aesthetics and elegance.

The engraving is visible and can be felt by touch, but it can be made more visible by filling the recesses with colorful enamel. You can choose any color from those available in our offer: pearl white, silver, gold, orange, red, blue, navy, green, black, and brown.

Since we perform the engraving on the front part of the glass trophy, there is nothing to prevent this method of personalization from being combined with color printing, which allows the creation of more spectacular and visually attractive awards.

Personalized glass trophy

Perfect award for any event

Glass trophies are an excellent choice for awards at various types of events and ceremonies. Their elegant appearance and personalization options make them very versatile and suitable for many occasions.

The wide selection of shapes of glass awards allows you to adapt the award to the character of the event and to distinguish the awarded. You can choose from classic forms, as well as more unusual shapes.

Their appearance and personalization possibilities make them look great at any event. In summary, glass trophies are an excellent choice for awards at various types of events and anniversary and occasional ceremonies. Contact us today to order trophies and honor the best in any field in an elegant way.

Why is it worth buying custom glass awards from us?

No minimum order

We have no minimum order limits. You can order even 1 glass trophy.

Short lead time

The production process of custom glass trophies may take from 3 to 10 working days from the approval of the design.

Fully customized

Whole personalization of glass trophies is made by us in accordance to create graphic design. With our help you can receive amazing fully customized trophy.

70+ Unique shapes

We can do personalised glass trophy with your design. To choose from we have more than 70 shapes of blank glass trophies.

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