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Precise workmanship and any shape

Metal trophies

Every award is unique and should always be a source of pride. The metal trophies we create for various occasions and events are individually designed by us. Modern machinery allows us to create almost any designed statuette. We pay special attention to every detail, even the smallest, to make sure that the trophy made was perfect in every way.

We have been making customised trophies for many years and can proudly show a great deal of experience and knowledge in this field. We work with the largest organisers of sporting events throughout Europe and prepare business awards for large and well-known companies in various industries.

Metal trophies are the most flexible and enjoyable awards to work with. The freedom of shape, the precision of manufacture, the possibility of creating multidimensional elements and the endless possibilities of personalisation with colour printing are the most important features of these awards. Find out more about their advantages and see if they meet your expectations.

Big Metal Trophy


Metal trophies in any shape or size

Big Metal Trophy

We have met the expectations of a growing number of customers who do not want to use standard catalogue award shapes. We have enabled them to create a metal award of any shape and in practically any size.

The maximum height of the trophy we can make is 50cm! This allows us to meet any challenge our clients present to us. Both large and small metal trophies are precisely laser-cut by us from a sheet of steel according to a previously prepared design.

The steel sheet we use can have a thickness ranging from 2 to 5 mm. The trophy elements cut in this way are sent for further processing during which we can shape and bend them appropriately.

Trophies placed on a white and black marble base, as well as a wooden base (available in selected colors), can be further personalized.

How? By adding a plaque on which we will engrave or print additional information. You can use this surface to place an individual thank-you note, as well as the name of the person to whom the trophy will go, the place taken, or the occasion on which the award was given, etc.

Skill Masters Trophy
Skill Masters Trophy Zoom
Skill Masters Trophy Zoom

Rich colours

Personalisation of the metal trophy with colour printing

We give an individual touch to each trophy by means of color printing. You can create the design yourself or have it created by our experienced designer. The prepared graphic will then be applied to the pre-cut metal elements.

The color print on the metal award can vary in height. This allows us to highlight individual design elements or entire areas. The wide range of colors means that the designed graphics can be full of color and include different types of tonal transitions and gradients.

Therefore, fancy graphic designs are no obstacle for us. We are only limited by the designer’s imagination! In addition, if you want to give your award more shine, we can coat the selected elements with a clear varnish. This will make the surface shine beautifully and reflect the sun’s rays, making it even more eye-catching!

Prizes included

The possibility of creating a set of awards and medals

We focus on individuality, and this is how we approach the creation of each of our awards. Our clients also often expect us to prepare several individually designed metal awards in a similar, consistent style for the same event.

This solution works well when we want to distinguish, for example:

  • participants of the event in several different age categories, distance categories, etc.,
  • the best of the best,
  • employees according to their results at work, etc.

The set can include metal trophies, metal medals, and other awards from our range. We will design and manufacture trophies, medals, and other elements of the set for you.

This way, you can order the entire prize set in one place and be guaranteed that the whole thing will be done in the same style.

Additional elements

metal trophy with stunning elements

To make the metal award even more special and unique, we use additional decorative elements.

We are constantly developing and expanding our possibilities in this field. Therefore, more interesting effects possible on a metal trophy will regularly appear here. Currently, we can make for you:

Trophy moving element

Rotating elements

Why is it worth buying custom metal trophies from us?


The minimum order for metal trophies is 5 units.

Short lead time

The production process of metal trophy may take from 5 to 20 working days from the approval of the design.

Fully customized

All metal trophies are created in accordance with the unique artworks prepared by our designers

Unique shapes

We can create steel custom trophies in any shape and size. In our modern machinery park we can create almost any trophy you dream of.

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