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Bespoke medals 3D
Bespoke medals 3D

The medal is a special award. Therefore, it must be eye-catching, unique and timeless. That is why our team will create bespoke medals for you in any shape in excellent quality. Custom-made graphic designs of medals are prepared by a team of experienced designers who work with passion and commitment. To sum up, original design, precision and the highest quality – all these distinguish us among others.



Where you can use custom medals?

Custom made running medals and cycling medals are very popular right now. Most of our medals are presented to the participants of these events.

Medals made by our company will add splendor to local sports events and competitions. Participants are always delighted with our custom medals.

Medals for distinguished associates and employees. We also make medals for uniformed services and the military medals.

Personalised medals for special occasions and anniversaries. Unforgettable medals designed for our clients are a souvenir for many years!


What is the difference between 2D and 3D bespoke medals?

bespoke medal 2d

Example of bespoke medals 2D

They are distinguished by a slight difference in surface height levels. A medal created using this technique can come in any shape, and its thickness varies between 4,5 – 8 mm.

We can provide large decorative openwork elements on medals, however, their number cannot be excessive (only 2 – 3 pieces).
A custom medal can be made in any colour from the available palette, and can be personalised by filling some of the elements with coloured paint. As standard, we use two colours, but it is possible to employ more colour versions.

Our metal dies facilitate creating inscriptions with the minimum thickness of 0.3 mm!

Example of bespoke medals 2D
Bespoke medal in 3d technique

bespoke medal 3d

Bespoke medal in 3d technique

In comparison with a 2D medal, a 3D is a much more detailed design. A higher difference in surface height levels is also visible. These medals are distinguished by its relief elements, i.e. sculptural compositions brought out from the background and projecting slightly above the surface.

The 3D medal design enables use to provide a larger number of openwork elements, and their size can be smaller in this case. Other features are exactly the same as for 2D medals.

Obviously, all these elements turn a small piece of metal into an absolute masterpiece.


Custom medals colours

We can create custom medals in several colour versions. Our colouration technology is 100% environmentally-friendly and exerts no adverse impact on our personnel’s health.

If you opt for products in electroplated colours, one of our suppliers is able to deliver them. You must note though that production time for electroplated medals increases by approximately 2 – 3 months, their price is higher and adding extra medals to such an order is impossible.

amazing effects

What effects can we achive on medals

The state-of-the-art technology we have at our disposal in our technology park allows us to create perfect cast medals with amazing embellishment effects. All these additional elements make your medal unique, as it stands out from the rest.

We constantly expand our range and master new personalisation techniques.

Our current capabilities concerning cast medals:

Custom medals made with excellent precision

Precision, deep embossing

Custom medals in any shape

Any shape with openwork

Bespoke medals with colour filling

Colour filling
(up to 8 colors)

Bespoke medals with fluorescent colors


Bespoke medals with 3d relief

3D relief

Puzzle bespoke medals

Puzzle medals

Custom medals with moving elements


Bespoke medals with sand

Element with sand

Bespoke medals with resin element

Resin element

Medal with fully working compass

Compass inside

Color print with laquiered element

Laquiered elements

Steel mould for medals


workmanship precision

Bespoke medals are made of ZnAl alloy, which makes them durable, solid and plastic – ideal for metalworking. 

We use steel moulds to manufacture custom medals.

Steel moulds used in production are the highest class solution – commonly used synthetic moulds, much cheaper, are not as precise in the mapping of the shape and details of the medal as steel. Thankfully to steel moulds we can achieve such a great precision!

Bespoke medals precision


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Why is it worth to choose bespoke medals?

Free medal samples

Not sure about our medal quality? With us, you can get free samples and free shipping.


Our competitive edge in the field of cast medal personalisation and embellishment stems from our experienced staff and cutting-edge technologies.


We deliver 2D and 3D cast medals within 4 weeks of the order confirmation date.

Free medal design

If you choose to work with us, you can expect a free design.


Our medals come in various shapes, and their thickness can be customised.


Each order is priced individually. Our distinguishing features include competitive prices and high quality of products.

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