Grifono Iššūkis

Antique gold cast medals with a griffin-shaped decoration – Grifono Iššūkis.

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Griffin medals with a three-dimensional name of the event for the Grifono Iššūkis running competitions

Every sporting event has its own hallmark. A characteristic element of the Grifono Iššūkis is the griffin, a mythical animal most often depicted with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. It symbolizes many features, including speed (eagle), strength (lion) and vigilance (donkey’s ears), as well as bravery, courage and perseverance. Grifono Iššūkis participants identify themselves with these features and their effort was commemorated with appropriate prizes. They were bespoke medals, which WinMed made entirely itself. The medals have an original shape that refers to the symbolism of the run. Its classic design in the colour of antique gold perfectly matches the decoration in the shape of a griffin. Thanks to this, the whole delights with its appearance.

Original high-quality medals for your event

Each sporting event is different, but they all have one thing in common – prizes. You can easily reward the participants with them and thus, appreciate their commitment. Thanks to this, the contestants will feel honoured and return in the next edition of the event, recommending the competition to other athletes. Our personalised medals are, therefore, an original memento that, apart from the symbolic value, increases the popularity of the event you organize.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
70 x 45 mm
Antique gold
standard ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting

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