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Unusual Shapes and Complex Forms

Mixed media trophies

This kind of statuettes fulfills even the most extravagant customer expectations. When designing these awards, we combine different materials and experiment with shapes. An individual approach to the project guarantees that we will take into account all your guidelines and feasible ideas.

The trophies created in this way will become a reflection of the uniqueness of the event at which it will be awarded.

Whether it’s a small, subtle statuette or a spectacular trophy of large size – we will deliver trophies that meet your expectations.

We design and create all trophies ourselves in our state-of-the-art machine park in the industry. The award created for you is under constant control at every stage of its production. All this to deliver you an excellent trophy that you can proudly present.

Materials and Personalization Techniques

We combine different materials and personalization techniques in statuettes

Mixed media statuettes are typically artisan awards that are the result of the work of the entire team. They are created from a combination of different materials, which can take various forms, as well as colors. At the moment, we use:

- Metal -

Cut with a precise laser, it can take any shape and size not exceeding 120 x 80 cm. We can also cover the cut elements with powder painting, in colors available in our offer.

- Wood -

A pleasant material to work with, which is usually used as the base of the statuette or as in the case of column awards as the main element of the trophy. We process and varnish the wood ourselves, so we can make practically any shape. We also cover the wood with colored enamels, but nothing beats the beauty of the natural color of wood!

- Glass-

Crystal clear and transparent glass we create ourselves or use standard shapes, of which we have really large stocks. We have over 70 designs of glass trophies to choose from, so we will certainly find something that you will like and will go well with the other elements of the award.

- Marble -

Used only as a solid and massive base of the statuette. Available in black and white and in several sizes.

- Casted elements -

The designed element of the statuette is cast in a metal form from a zinc and aluminum alloy. Precisely made and mechanically processed cast elements are heavy and really look great in combination with, for example, wood.

This material complexity makes our statuettes unique. Each of them is created with great commitment and attention. We spend a lot of time developing the project, precise cutting, varnishing, sanding, polishing, and assembling individual elements.

Individual personalization

All our trophies can be personalized individually, using several methods:

Such a complicated process of designing, producing, and personalizing an award requires a larger amount of time needed for its implementation. Usually, it takes about 4 weeks from the moment of approval of the final version of the project.

After the entire production is finished, we safely pack the finished award and deliver it to the address chosen by you.

Mixed media trophies made from various materials

Completed Projects

See and get inspired by mixed media statuettes

We have already made a number of such statuettes, which you can get inspired by.

However, remember that with us, you can implement your own design, which will perfectly reflect your vision and specific needs.

Our team of experienced designers will verify your idea and will be happy to help you make it a reality!

Where to Use Statuettes

Statuettes perfect for large events

Custom-made statuettes are perfect for large business events and top-class sports events. Since the price of making such a statuette can be quite high, not everyone can afford this type of solution. However, mixed media statuettes are worth their price.

As an experienced trophy manufacturer we guarantee that such an award will make an impression at the award ceremony and will look great in your company or sports club for a long time.

We invite you to contact our consultant directly by phone or to fill in and send the contact form. We will definitely get back to you!

Why is it worth buying trophies from us?


Our minimum order quantity for personalized trophies is 5 units.

Lead time

The production process of mixed media trophies may take from 2 to 4 weeks from the approval of the design.

Fully customized

We fully personalize trophies according to your specific requirements, taking on the task of creating the graphic design. With our assistance, you can receive outstanding results.

Unique shapes

We are able to create an awards featuring your own design. We offer a broad array of customization options.

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