Customised football event medals

Football, or soccer, is one of the most popular sports in the world. It attracts both children and adults at different advancement levels. School tournaments, league games or other football events are an excellent opportunity for sporting competition that should be properly rewarded. Organisers of such events need to ensure that players are awarded with right medals. Winmed medals customised using various personalisation techniques will allow your football event to stand out from other similar competitions.

We can help you create unique and one-of-a-kind football event medals!

Every year, we create thousands of individual medals for football event organisers at different levels. Organisations regularly commissioning our medals include schools, FAs or famous European football clubs. They are fully produced in our foundry in Poland. Thus we are able to deliver them within a few days after they are completed.

Our assortment of customised medals includes high-end bespoke medals, coloured printed cast medals, laser-cut steel medals and eco medals made from natural raw materials. Each type demonstrates both certain advantages and limitations. Regardless of the selected medal type, we will deliver it on time, guaranteeing perfect quality of workmanship. Our medals become highlights of each football tournament or competition and bring back happy memories to players.

Printed cast

Get inspired with the medals we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!


Customised trophies for players and coaches

Football trophies tailored to individual orders are an alternative to medals and cups. Made within 10 working days of the design approval date, they will become the highlight of any football event.
Good team play is the key to success in football. In order to reward all players requires, dozens of identical trophies must be created. At Winmed, we can produce any number of these in any form possible

One must not forget about the individual achievements of the best players and coaches, for whom we design football trophies dedicated just to them.


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

Football trophies

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