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Basketball is one of the most popular team sports. However, for a team to be successful, contribution and commitment of its every player counts. Therefore, as a basketball competition organiser, you should keep in mind both whole teams and individual players. Our basketball competition prizes will certainly help you to recognise best and most valuable basketball players. Being an experienced medal manufacturer, we realise how important it is to have a variety of created prizes. That is why, at Winmed, each basketball competition prize is different and created in line with a custom-made design.

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For many years, we have been creating prizes presented at various basketball events. We create medals for local or school basketball competitions as well as for international or worldwide events.

Our assortment of medals includes high-end bespoke medals, coloured printed cast medals, laser-cut steel medals and eco medals made from natural raw materials. Each of these types is different. Each also has its advantages and limitations. However, whatever form you choose, each of our prizes for basketball players is delivered on time and made from highest-quality materials.

Printed cast

Get inspired with the medals we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!


Original customised basketball competition trophies

Our assortment includes a variety of prizes for basketball players. These also include trophies with which you can distinctly recognise the best team or the most valuable player. We create our basketball completion trophies entirely in-house, using the capabilities of our state-of-the-art machinery. A combination of such factors as cutting-edge technology, long-standing experience and individual approach enables us to create original basketball competition trophies.

Our designs are distinguished by their unique forms, eye-catching shapes and expressive colours. Our customised approach enables you create almost any given design. In addition, the extensive personalisation possibilities allow you to create a trophy being a beautiful symbol of your brand. Add a logo, complement it with the right colour scheme, and we will apply everything you need on a trophy.

Our assortment includes four main trophy types. These are stylish glass trophies, cutting-edge metal trophies, simple column awards and mixed media, combining numerous forms and structures. Each of them has different distinctive features, however, a design made especially for you is a feature common to all of them.
Find out more about all the advantages of our prizes and decide which one is the best solution for your particular event!


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

Basketball trophies

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