Swimming is a sport that requires not only strength but also technique and endurance. Nothing is as satisfying as capturing the fruits of hard work and determination in the form of a unique trophy. At Winmed, we specialize in crafting unparalleled swim trophies that not only testify to swimming skills but also reflect the individual style and character of the recipient.

Swimming trophy – a fusion of passion for swimming and artistry of craftsmanship

When you opt for our swimming trophies, you gain the opportunity to create a unique trophy, the design of which is as dynamic and captivating as swimming itself. Each of our swimming trophies combines a burning passion for sport with the finesse of artisanal skill. Whether you’re looking for an appropriate trophy for a young swimming novice who proudly won their first medal, or an experienced athlete who just beat their personal record – with us, you can create a trophy that will perfectly complement every swimming triumph.

Highlight the prestige of swim trophy using high-quality materials

Our collection of swimming trophies is characterized by diversity and high-quality materials used, allowing a full adaptation of the trophy to the unique needs and taste of the recipient. In our offer, we have, among others, swimming trophies made of metal, as well as glass trophies that dazzle with their brilliance and clarity. For those who appreciate tradition, we have column awards, and for lovers of modernity – mixed media, i.e., swim trophies made from various mediums. Our attention to the quality of materials and precision of execution makes each trophy from our offer a real work of art. Regardless of whether you choose metal trophies, glass trophies or another material, you can be sure that your swim trophy will be perfect in every respect. Each of our awards is an expression of top-class craftsmanship, so we are confident that they will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Create a swimming trophy according to your own idea

Winmed offers something more than just standard trophies - we give you the opportunity to personalize the award, allowing you to create a unique memento whose sentimental value is as great as its sporting value. From choosing the perfect material that reflects the character and style of the swimmer, through adding an individual dedication or achievement date, to choosing a specific design - all this makes your swim trophy as unique as the person who receives it. What's more, we can personalize the trophy with a swimming club logo or another symbol that has a special meaning for the swimmer.

Wide range of awards and medals available for everyone

Winmed is not only specialized trophies but also a wide range of medals adapted to individual needs. Our offer includes various types of medals. Each of these awards is unique, carefully made and perfected to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. However, we are not limited to ready-made projects. We treat every order as a unique challenge, which allows us for a creative approach to the subject and design something truly unique. We encourage you to place orders and assure you that we will strive to make each of our awards as beautiful and unique as the person it is dedicated to.

We also invite you to visit our gallery of ready-made projects, which will provide you with plenty of inspiration to create your own, unique award. Our gallery is a true compendium of creativity, full of diverse and unique solutions that will surely help you realize your vision of the perfect award.


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

Swimming trophies


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