In the world of motorsports, where every second counts, motorsport trophies represent more than just metal objects. They are symbols of success, perseverance, and immense passion. For drivers and their teams, these awards symbolize countless hours of dedication.

As trophy manufacturers, we understand that each trophy must reflect the character of the event. We approach each race organizer individually, striving to meet their expectations.

Full Customisation of Motor Racing Trophies with Winmed

Our motorsport trophies are crafted to mirror the essence of the race. They can assume any form, feature a full spectrum of colours, include various texts, graphics, and unique decorative elements. We don't rely on templates; every project is distinct and tailor-made for you.

We view each event as a singular occurrence that should be capped with bespoke awards. Send us your design draft or an inspiring award example, and our team of experts will guide you through the entire process efficiently and stress-free.

Choose the Right Material for Your Motorsport Trophy

Selecting the ideal material for your motorsport award is a significant decision that reflects the race's character and prestige. In our collection, you'll find trophies made of:

  • 🏆 Metal Trophies — Envision a flawlessly cut shape of a car, motorcycle, or helmet from metal, set on a chic marble or wooden base. You're free to apply any graphic, and with UV printing, the colours will remain vivid and durable.
  • 🏆 Column Trophies — Crafted from wood, with the option to include unique graphics or engravings, they are an ideal pick for esteemed motor events. An elegance that endures.
  • 🏆 Glass Awards — Choose from over 70 designs! Personalise them with fine engravings or vibrant graphics. The glass trophies is a choice that will surely stand out.
  • 🏆 Mixed Material Trophies — A fusion of metal, glass, wood, and marble creates an exclusive award that speaks volumes. Design something genuinely unique for your race.

Unsure about the best material? Browse our comparative trophy table for all necessary information to aid your decision. Opt for an award that complements the essence of your race and dazzles the participants.

Motorsport Award Sets in One Place

Order a complete set of awards for your motor event in one location and enjoy the benefits of time and cost savings. By choosing consistent trophies and medals, you highlight the professionalism of your event.

You have the liberty to select the elements of the set, and we'll ensure they are of high quality and harmonious. Before production begins, we'll present you with the design to confirm everything aligns with your vision.

You'll receive our complete support from order to execution. Directly, without intermediaries. We're prepared to meet even the most substantial expectations.

Seeking Inspiration for Your Dream Motorsport Trophy?

If you're searching for inspiration for the perfect motor sport trophy, explore our gallery. There, you might find something that sparks your creativity. Once you have an idea, contact us, send a sketch or logo, and our specialists will provide you with a complimentary design and quote swiftly and without any stress.

Leverage our service, and your motorsport event will be equipped with awards and medals that will leave a lasting impression on the participants. Straightforward, friendly, and efficient – we guarantee satisfaction and the success of your event!


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

Motorsport trophies


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