Motorsport trophies craft unforgettable moments

Motor racing is a unique sport. It’s a mix of speed, skill, and the relationship between driver and machine. As a race event manager, you can add extra value to your event with custom motorsport trophies from Winmed. Our top-quality awards will help racers remember your event for years to come.

Personalized motorsport trophies

Here at Winmed, we believe in the impact of custom trophies. Our team creates unique motorsport trophies that enhance the excitement of your event. Choosing us is not just about getting a trophy. It’s about quality and endless design options.

Our high-tech trophy-making process lets us meet any request. We make trophies of any shape, combining 3D effects with different materials. We stay in tune with the ever-changing world of motor racing.

Unique motorsport trophy designs

Our trophy designers are dedicated to their craft. Every trophy we make is more than just an award. It’s a work of art that captures the spirit of your event and the thrill of motor racing. Whether it’s a car race or a motorsport trade show, our trophies are perfect keepsakes for your participants.

Discover your possibilities

A customized trophy or medal captures the spirit of a racing event like nothing else. Over the years, we've learned to offer a wide range of options, each with its own unique appeal:

  • Glass Trophies: Unique in style and filled with charm, these trophies stand out with their refined look.
  • Column Awards: These elegant awards are an attractive choice for their grace and well-balanced design.
  • Metal Trophies: Robust and versatile, these trophies are ready to be molded into any shape you envision.
  • Mixed Media Trophies: These trophies offer a sophisticated blend of different materials, creating interesting patterns and textures.
Choosing us means choosing a team that excels in combining materials to create unique motorsport trophies. We're more than just trophy makers. We're committed to making your event a lifelong memory. Discover why Winmed is your best choice for memorable trophies. Get in touch with us today.

Get inspired by our trophies gallery

Stuck on trophy design ideas? Our team of graphic designers is here to help. You can look at our online gallery for inspiration. If you're a race participant or an event manager, we want to work with you. Let's create a trophy that celebrates an amazing achievement.


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

Motorsport trophies


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