Brampton, a vibrant city in UK, has a rich history and a modern spirit. Custom trophies Brampton crafted by us are a lasting reminder of wonderful moments. If you plan events, our unique trophy range is worth a look!

Winmed crafts your Vvision

We are different from other trophy makers. We focus on each award, making sure it matches our client’s needs. We have the latest machines in Poland to handle any design, no matter how complex.

Our trophies Brampton and medals are made from top-quality materials. These include metal, glass, and wood. We can create strong and impressive awards. With modern methods like 3D printing and laser engraving, we can turn your idea into a beautiful trophy.

We aim to provide top-quality service for all our customers. Our prices are competitive, and we can make trophies in as short as 5–6 days from when you approve the design. And even with this fast service, we always make sure our products meet high standards and make our clients happy.

Trophies Brampton offers diverse achievements options

We love making trophies. We make trophies that stand out at every event. Our laser-cut metal trophies are made to your design. Our column trophies are elegant and last a long time. We also make glass trophies. These can be personalized with engravings or graphics.

We make mixed-media trophies, too. These use different materials like metal, glass, wood, or marble. We use different techniques like UV printing, 3D printing, or engraving. This shows how creative we are.

Make your event memorable with award sets

Explore what Winmed can do. We're experts in creating full award sets. If you want a well-made, unified project, we are the right choice. No matter if you're hosting a sports or business event, we can create awards that will get noticed. Our broad range has many products that will suit your needs. We provide medals in any shape and color, letting you choose what you want. Also, our unique trophies will make your awards and events stand out. When you choose our award sets, you know all pieces will work well together. Our team takes care of all details, making sure you get a top-quality product. Plus, our prices are competitive, letting you have a full award set without straining your budget. Reach out to us, and we'll help you craft the perfect set to fit your event's mood and theme. Choose our services for professionalism and effectiveness. Winmed's award sets will make your event special and will impress your attendees.

Get Inspired with our trophy gallery

Need some ideas for your trophy design? Visit our gallery. You can see a wide range of awards we've made for our clients. Our experienced designers can also help you create a great trophy design. Looking for tips on making your award special? Read our blog post, "How to Create a Unique, Personalized Trophy." We want to make your trophy Brampton creation process easy. Whether you want metal, glass, or a simple or complex design, we have many options. Our team is always ready to help. We can work with your budget and make sure your order is ready quickly.


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

Trophies Brampton


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