Personalised trophies made by winmed

You have the idea in mind? You know what it should look like? You have even chosen the colours? But you do not know how to create the personalised trophy that you desire. We are the right choice for you because we transform the vision into a product that will satisfy your needs.

Let’s show you how we make it!

Tell us about your personalised trophy

Thanks to many years in the market, we ask the right questions:

The answers help us understand what our customer really wants. And our job is to develop the concept, so it fits the technical process.

Besides, we want to know what you like, what is the characteristic of the event or whether your organisation is traditional or modern. Even the colours you like are important. Have you seen a trophy that you find very compelling? Show us! The more you tell us about yourself, the better the personalised trophy we can design.

Choose the material for your personalised trophy

What materials do we offer? Let’s start with metal – the most common material. Because of its plastic features and durability, it is highly popular. We produce personalised trophies in countless shapes. Only your imagination is the limit. The precise laser cutting technology makes it possible.

Glass trophies look very elegant and give some lightness to your designs. They can be minimalistic, only with some texts. Or made very colourful with UV printing on the glass.

Wood and stone are used mostly as a basement for personalised trophies. Sometimes wood is the background for other elements. The main advantage is that it gives warm haptic impressions and stands for the naturalness of the trophy. With a marble base, you can really feel the weight of the prize. Strong and lasting for years.

Materials are processed differently. If you have in mind a very detailed shape, the best option is to choose a trophy from metal. Our processing machines are able to cut precisely the desired shape. Glass is more difficult to handle, but it is possible to print text or pictures on it.

What shape to choose for a personalised trophy?

With state-of-the-art technology, the possibilities are limitless! From classical shapes like:

to shapes like:

What have we already made? Personalised trophies that look like a bicycle, firefighter, sailing boat, balls and different kinds of wings, and many others.

Our designs can be very specific, like the spokes of a wheel, lines of the leaves or even abstract figures with dimensions smaller than the thickness of a metal sheet. Of course, it depends on the material we use. That’s why, at the beginning of the process, we suggest best fits for your project. The technical possibilities are wide. But not all materials can be cut with small elements.

We create spatial forms to make the personalised trophy look outstanding. Such an award consists of a few elements that when put together build a whole figure. Usually, we combine materials and different shapes and use 3D printing to get the best visual impressions.

Pick the colour and the graphics!

Do not limit yourself and use colour and graphic elements. It all adds to the uniqueness of the personalised trophy. You may choose a classic combination of colours, or limit yourself to 1 or 2 to get something minimalistic. If you decide to make it colourful, watch the overall effect. It should be eye-catching, but not without style.

Personalise the trophy with images or graphics of your own. Thanks to digital printing, there are many possibilities to create colourful images. The project will be almost 100% the same as the trophy you have designed. This is our quality guarantee.

How to personalise your trophy with a text?

The best way is to prepare an engraving. Usually, it is a metal plate on the base of the trophy. But the engraving could be made on the trophy itself. With glass trophies, it fits perfectly to engrave all details on the glass surface.

We can print or engrave specific information, such as:

Laser engraving on metal or wood is not the only option. You can use digital printing to put the text and graphics directly on the trophy.

What should the personalised message look like? Well, it all depends on the recipient and the event. Besides typical information, you can place:

Something that will stay for a long time and have a powerful impact on the future.

Do not limit yourself only to the message. Underline the overall effect by using special fonts or graphic elements. Make the text visible and visually consistent with the overall design of the award.

Your text makes the award a really personalised trophy. For the participant, it will wake the memories of the event. And this will be evidence that he took part and became awarded. It will bring memories each time the look goes to the trophy and evoke exceptional moments from the past.

Why is it worth buying a personalised trophies from us?

We have experience in producing different kinds of medals and trophies. Personalised trophies are among the most popular ones. We use various materials to create special projects that suit your individual needs.

Sports events, business occasions or special events? No problem. Our offer is comprehensive and gives you the guarantee that we meet your requirements in every aspect.

Our machines are modern and advanced. We introduce cutting-edge technologies and develop our production possibilities. We create new designs and are not afraid of challenging tasks.

Likewise, we make the purchase easy for the customers. So we offer trophies where the minimum order quantity starts from one piece. And if you need the trophy really quickly, we can produce it even in 5-6 business days.

Go creative with our team of experts

You already know the basics of our product development. The next step is to contact our sales team. We are eager to help with any doubts or questions. Our experienced graphic designers help with the draft and the design. We give you information about production possibilities and advise you on the best material options.

We are aware that preparing a personalised trophy might be a challenge. Check our website gallery to get information on what kind of trophies we have already produced.