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We are a manufacturer and medals dealer of the highest quality bespoke medals, that will make your event special and unique. We will make for you sports medals in all shape and color – all in matchless cast quality. The artwork is made for you by experienced designers who work with passion and dedication. Therefore unique designs, precision and highest quality makes our awards and medals special. Iron Man, Volvo, Skoda, and many others have trusted us. Years of experience thanks to the production of 500,000 medals annually.

Why is it worth buying medals from us?


All awards and medals are created in accordance with the unique artworks prepared by our designers


Our sport trophies and medals are made of the highest quality materials and with workmanship precision


We use steel molds, die casting of metal alloys, grinding, electroplating, patinating and other refining processes


Depending on the type of medal selected, the production process may take from 5 working days to 4 weeks.


We can create custom medals of any shape by combining various techniques and high-quality materials


The price of the medal depends on the selected type of medal. We try to advise and adjust the medal design to the client's budget. Ask for a free medals quotation.

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We are a Polish distributor and manufacturer of custom medals. We do everything to be a reliable business partner. Modern machines, the best technology, the highest quality equipment and materials – this is our everyday life. For us, nothing is impossible. Our clients are always satisfied and receive what they have expected on time. Our offer includes decorations and ribbons suitable for all sports events. All prodcuts can be customized to make your rewards unique and spectacular.

Latest medals realizations

Check out our latest realizations of bespoke medals. If you like what we do, please fill out the pricing form or contact us. We will prepare a free quote for you.
Medal for Virtual Race Series “Jupiter Run"

Medal Jupiter Run

Medal for Virtual Race Series “Jupiter Run”

Medal features:
Dimensions: Ø 70 mm
Ribbon: sublimation
Medal color: antique silver
Additional information: color filling, openwork


Medal Wutzseelauf Lindow

Cast medal for Wutzseelauf Lindow

Features of the medal:
Dimensions: 60 x 60 mm
Collar: sublimated
Medal color: silver
Additional information: color filling, openwork

Judo KSC ASAHI Medal

Medal Judo KSC ASAHI

Rectangle medal for Judo KSC ASAHI

Features of the medal:
Dimensions: 60 x 70 mm
Neck ribbon: standard, ribbon in german national colours
Medal color: ancient gold
Additional Information: elements filled with colour


Medal Genthin Mud Cloud

Medal for Genthin Mud Cloud

Features of the medal:
Dimensions: about 50 x40 mm each
Neck ribbon: sublimated
Medal color: green, blue, red
Additional info: puzzle shape, coloured


Medal Tatzten-Marathon

Cast medal for Tatzten-Marathon

Features of the medal:
Dimensions: 70 x 70 mm
Collar: sublimated
Medal color: silver
Additional information: Ajour work

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