Linz Airport Night Run

Amazing cast medal, with colourful elements refined down to the smallest detail.

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Designer medals at the Linz Airport Night Run

Aeroplane medals? It’s no problem for us. This time our unusual project went to the organizers of the night run at Linz airport. Night runs have their own unique atmosphere. Therefore, the running medals awarded during them should also stand out. For this reason, WinMed created modern cast medals with a colourful print on its surface. The medals, we prepared for the Linz Airport Night Run, have an original shape, which we achieved thanks to the previously prepared steel matrix. What’s more, these solid bespoke medals have many three-dimensional decorations on them. The whole thing is covered with a colourful print that adds character to the medal.

Stand out with medals from WinMed

Experience in the industry allows us to create an effective system which enables us to implement virtually any project. Thanks to this, all our high quality medals meet the expectations of customers and delight the recipients. In our company, we focus on an individual approach and original design. We use innovative technology of our most modern machine park in the industry, what helps us create unique medals of various shapes, sizes and colours. All this to make the final effect memorable, and thus, attract new participants who will take part in your next sports event.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
70 x 70 mm
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting
Colour filling

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