Halloween Run Bremen 2022

Laser-cut steel medal with an original Halloween motif with a colourful 3D print.

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Terrifyingly beautiful medal for the Halloween Run Bremen

Although the end of October is not necessarily conducive to running, crowds of athletes took part in the Halloween Run Bremen. The reason for this was both the unusual atmosphere and the original running medals prepared by our company. The steel medals made by us have an original coffin shape that fits perfectly into the Halloween atmosphere. In addition, their black base colour is a great background for a colourful print. Its colours and design are eye-catching. The most important decorations on the medal were raised, obtaining a 3D effect. The whole is coated with a colourless varnish and crowned with a personalized matching ribbon.

Running medals with a theme of your choice

At WinMed, we approach each order individually. That is why, regardless of the sports discipline, we adjust the medal to the event. With us, you can create original medals for Halloween, Christmas and other occasions. Each medal can be freely personalized by changing its shape, form or materials. Undoubtedly, the final effect will meet all your expectations, delighting the eyes, being a memorable, perfectly suited memento of the event.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
55 x 70 mm
personalised ribbon
colorless varnish

Personalization techniques used:

UV printing
Laser cutting

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