Imagine this moment: you’re standing on a bodybuilding stage, tense, under the spotlight. The audience is enthralled, and your hard work is finally paying off. When you receive your bodybuilding trophy, you know it’s not just a piece of metal. It’s an award for your determination, for the hours you’ve spent training, and for your persistence in achieving your goal.

At Winmed, we understand the deep value of these moments. That’s why our custom-made trophies are more than just ornaments. They reflect your passion, your dedication, and the unique journey you’ve taken to become who you are. Our personalized bodybuilding trophies have been gracing many bodybuilding competitions for years.

Personalize your bodybuilding trophies with Winmed

Winning a bodybuilding trophy isn’t just about showcasing the excellent form of your muscles. It’s also a recognition of your mental strength and the dedication you put into each training session. As an experienced producer of trophies and medals, we fully understand this. We strive to design our bodybuilding awards in a way that perfectly captures the spirit of the competitions for which they are made. From local to international events, we take pride in being a part of your success. To further accentuate what makes you exceptional, we offer the possibility of personalizing each of our trophies, be it the type of material, the manufacturing technology, or the way it’s decorated. In the following text, you’ll learn about the types of awards we can offer you.

Why choose metal trophies for bodybuilding competitions?

If you’re organizing a bodybuilding competition, choosing the right trophy is a crucial decision. Here are some reasons why metal trophies might be an excellent choice:

  • Durability and Sturdiness – Bodybuilding is a discipline that demands strength and endurance. Metal statuettes perfectly reflect these values.
  • Customization – With various customization options, you can be sure that each trophy will be unique. For example, you can add a plaque with the winner’s name, the date of the competition, or even the sponsor’s logo. Utilize UV printing to place your graphics on the award. For the trophy base, you can opt for wood or metal.
  • Size and Shape – You can order trophies in virtually any size, which is perfect if you want to make a big impression on the participants.

Why do glass trophies elevate the prestige of any event?

Glass trophies are synonymous with elegance and class. If you want to emphasize the prestige of your shows and offer something special to the participants, this bodybuilding award is for you. Here are the attributes of these statuettes:

  • Elegance and Uniqueness – Glass awards are the epitome of elegance. This trophy will undoubtedly add prestige to your competition.
  • Safe Packaging – We offer various types of cases that not only protect the trophy but also add to its class.
  • Customization – Glass trophies are incredibly easy to personalize. We can perform both colorful printing and elegant laser engraving on them. This means each award can be individually tailored to the recipient.
  • Premium-Grade Materials – We use only the highest-quality, crystal-clear glass, making each trophy look spectacular and highly durable.

What do you gain by choosing column awards?

Opting for column awards for your bodybuilding competitions ensures not only quality and durability but also uniqueness and individual character for each statuette. What sets these awards apart:

  • Highest-Quality Materials – The primary material used in production is wood, mainly ash wood, known for its durability and resistance to damage.
  • Modern Accents – We often add metal details to the wooden elements, laser-cut or bent, adding a modern appearance to the awards while emphasizing the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Customization – If you already have a design idea for the trophy, we can apply UV color printing, which looks excellent on metal elements. You can choose any pattern, logo, or text—only limited by your imagination. You can also opt for engraving. We can engrave any part of the trophy, whether wood or metal, adding a personal touch to the award.

Why choose mixed media trophies for bodybuilding competitions?

Our mixed-media trophies are genuine works of art. We combine various materials and shapes to create something truly unique. If you have your own ideas for bodybuilding trophies, feel free to share! We'll craft an award tailored to your expectations. What sets these trophies apart:

  • Uniqueness – Each award is one-of-a-kind, thanks to a combination of various materials like metal, wood, glass, and marble.
  • Comprehensive Customization – The option for UV printing on metal or glass, as well as laser engraving, offers endless possibilities for tailoring the statuette to individual needs.
  • Flexible Ordering – We don't require a minimum quantity for orders; you can even order a single statuette, and it will be handled with equal care.
  • Fast and Secure Process – The entire process, from design to delivery, takes around 4 weeks. Trophies are securely packed and shipped to the specified address.

Bodybuilding awards set – Your complete solution

Are you organizing a bodybuilding competition and contemplating the awards? Look no further! We offer ready-made sets of bodybuilding awards that will make your show truly extraordinary. We provide full professionalism and give participants a sense of reward for their hard work.

Trophies and medals, all in one style! This will make your event look professional and undoubtedly elevate its reputation. Best of all, each of our clients has their own advisor who ensures everything goes smoothly.

Don't leave anything until the last minute. Make sure your competition is not just a muscle show but also an amazing experience for everyone involved. With us, your event will shine like never before.

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