Winmed is a supplier of trophies and medals, with each of our products created based on an individual design. Thanks to our passion for craftsmanship and the most advanced machinery in the industry, we are able to meet all of our customers’ expectations.

Individual trophies London at the highest level

Our metal trophies are the epitome of strength and elegance. Made from the highest quality metals, they stand out for their durability and refined style. From classic shapes to modern geometric forms, our metal trophies are an excellent choice for those who appreciate solidity and timelessness. As industry leaders, we have the most advanced machinery that enables us to handle even the most demanding projects. Our team of experienced craftsmen and designers ensures that your trophy is not only unique but also of excellent quality.

London trophies made of thick glass

If you are looking for something more subtle, our glass trophies will be the perfect solution. Their transparency and delicacy make them incredibly captivating and visually appealing. By employing modern techniques of engraving and glass embellishment, we can create unique designs that are sure to grab attention and enhance any award ceremony.

Trophies in the form of majestic columns

Our column awards are a combination of majesty and sophistication. Built with sturdy columns, bases, and artistic decorative elements, these statuettes with their distinctive appearance are true masterpieces of craftsmanship. Their impressive look and remarkable presence make them an excellent choice for special occasions where unique design is appreciated. And thanks to the elongated shape of London trophies, they can pay homage to the city's most iconic landmarks, such as Big Ben.

Mixed media - create your vision with us

At Winmed, we love creating something completely new and unique. Our mixed media statuettes are crafted using various materials, such as metal, glass, or wood, offering limitless creative possibilities. Imagine the fusion of these materials in one work of art that perfectly reflects your vision. Collaborating with us is an opportunity to create something truly extraordinary!

Discover our possibilities

Whether you need a custom trophies  or personalized medals for sports competitions, school ceremonies, or corporate events, you can be sure that our medals will be exceptional and tailored to your needs. We encourage you to visit our gallery, where you will find examples of our projects. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

London trophies


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