As a boat navigates onward, pulled by the wind and propelled by the force of the waves, the passion for sailing is driven not only by the desire for discovery but also by the quest for victory. This victory is best expressed through our sailing trophies – awards that become a distinctive symbol of triumph, accurately reflecting the spirit of marine competition.

Nautical motif in our sailing trophies

Each of our sailing trophies is not just an award, but also a keepsake filled with the passion for sailing. We work with a variety of materials – from the finest metals, through delicate crystal, to avant-garde mixed media – ensuring that each statuette is unique and personalised. We craft sailing trophies that celebrate everything that is the essence of this sport. Whether it’s a prize for a spectacular manoeuvre or victory in prestigious regattas – we assure you that each statuette will reflect the character of the winner and will be as unique as the victor himself. Our aim is to ensure that our sailing trophies tell an individual story of triumph, ambition and resilience, which are integral to sailing.

Original shapes of trophies

Our work is a passionate pursuit of aesthetics inspired by the marine landscape, and designing sailing trophies for us is like sculpting the marine resonance from the wind and waves. Each sailing trophy is an artistic challenge for us – the transformation of raw materials into a harmonious symphony of forms and textures, paying tribute to the spirit of sailing. For you, we will create a statuette that will not only be an award but also a masterpiece. Whether it will be a form reminiscent of the silhouette of a sailing boat and the fluidity of sails, or more complex and abstract structures reflecting the rhythm of regattas and the power of marine elements – each of our statuettes will be a reflection of the beauty and dynamism of the world of sailing.

Wide range of awards 

Thanks to our experience and constant desire to explore new forms, we are able to create sailing trophies that reflect the raw beauty of the sea and the unique aesthetics of sailing. For us, creating custom trophies is a chance to combine artistic expression with a passion for sailing, resulting in unique statuettes that are an authentic expression of the marine spirit. Our sailing trophies are also a personal way of celebrating these values. We offer you statuettes that you can customise to make them a unique reflection of your love for sailing. Among these awards, you will find: metal trophies, glass trophies, column awards, mixed media.

Discover our possibilities

Join our growing community of satisfied customers and see for yourself how pleasant shopping with us can be. By investing in our sailing trophies, you are investing in unique products that are not only beautiful but also durable. They are a symbol of recognition that will last for many years, adding a shine to every sailing ceremony. We encourage you to browse through our gallery of ready-made projects. Each model is carefully designed, with the various preferences of our customers in mind. Our collection of medals reflects a wide range of styles and themes, which will surely help you find the perfect design for yourself.


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Sailing trophies


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