Volleyball embodies passion, determination, and teamwork skills. Every victory on the court is the result of the entire team’s hard work. That’s why, after each tournament, it’s time to honor the winners and highlight their accomplishments. The best way to do this is by awarding them with volleyball trophies. It’s also crucial to individually recognize players who stand out among their peers on the court.

As experienced trophy and medal manufacturers, we understand the importance of these awards to volleyball players. We support all tournaments, from local competitions to grand international events, providing unique trophies made to order. By choosing us, you ensure volleyball trophies that will be cherished keepsakes for a lifetime and an inspiration for further successes!

Why choose a volleyball trophy from Winmed?

We are the go-to place for crafting volleyball awards. What sets us apart is our combination of modern manufacturing techniques with a personal approach to every customer. This allows us to create volleyball trophies that are perfectly tailored to your needs. We are a genuine supporter of every volleyball event organizer.

We boast the largest and most modern machinery park for award production in Poland. We take care of every stage, from design conception to the final product. As a result, each volleyball award is of the highest quality and made especially for you. We want each of our trophies to be a symbol of our passion for volleyball.

We take pride in the uniqueness of our products. We employ various materials and techniques to ensure each product stands out. Our capabilities range from high-pressure embossing in steel molds to laser cutting and UV printing.

We understand that time is money, so we guarantee prompt order execution, no matter the complexity. And if you’re concerned about costs, rest assured—we always strive to tailor our offer to fit your budget without compromising on quality. Winmed is not just a trophy manufacturer; we are a partner in celebrating your success.

Types of volleyball trophies offered by Winmed

Awards for volleyball players are not only a reward for hard work and dedication but also an unforgettable memento. The unique volleyball trophies we craft are more than just an award; they symbolize the passion that accompanies every volleyball player. Our range is as diverse as the needs of volleyball event organizers. Choose the perfect trophy for you:

  • Metal Trophies — Precision-cut using lasers, they boast unconventional shapes. Solid in every aspect, with extensive customization options.
  • Glass Trophies — Add a touch of class to any event. Unlimited customization options, from subtle engravings to vibrant, colorful graphics.
  • Column Trophies — Elegance that stands the test of time. Perfect for individual volleyball awards.
  • Mixed Media Trophies — The perfect blend of metal, glass, wood, and marble—a real feast for the eyes.

Awards for volleyball aces and beach volleyball enthusiasts

Volleyball is not just a team game. Individual player skills often determine the match outcome. We also offer trophies for standout players in our range. Winmed craft awards for the Most Valuable Player, perfectly reflecting their contribution to the game.

But let's not forget the lovers of sun, sea, and dynamic sand action! Beach volleyball brings a completely different dynamic. Winmed has curated a unique trophy collection dedicated to the heroes of beach volleyball. Our awards capture the laid-back, yet energy-packed ambiance of this volleyball variant.

Choose us to honor both team and individual achievements on the court and in the sand!

Volleyball award sets for your event

Imagine saving time and money and having a guarantee of unmatched quality. By choosing our volleyball award sets, you get all that and more! Transform your ceremony into a unique event with our cohesive sets, perfectly blending medal and trophy designs. You decide what's best for your event, and we'll happily create and deliver it for you. We provide support at every step, ensuring you feel confident and satisfied with your choice. Thanks to us, your awards will not only stand out but also underline the prestige of your event.

Explore our gallery and craft your dream volleyball trophy

Thinking about a distinctive trophy design? Dive into our gallery and let our previous projects inspire you. No matter your vision or chosen materials, we're here to meet your boldest expectations. With us, each volleyball award will become an unforgettable memento. Contact us and see for yourself!


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