Custom medal hangers made by winmed
Custom medal hangers made by winmed mobile

Show your achievements 

Medal hanger is the best way to showcase your medals with style

Are you a passionate runner, swimmer or basketball player who loves to participate in races and competitions? If so, you know the feeling of accomplishment that comes with crossing the finish line, or winning the tournament and receiving your hard-earned medal. But what do you do with all those medals once the race or tournament is over?

Displaying them with a medals hanger can be a great way to showcase your achievements and inspire yourself to keep training. We’ll show you how to display your running medals and how to choose the perfect medal hanger for your achievements for hanging them with style and elegance.

Whether you do sports professionally or as an amateur, these actionable tips and advice will help you maintain motivation and celebrate your accomplishments in style.

Customise your hanger

Creative ways to personalise your medal hanger and make it unique

We are a manufacturer of custom medals and trophies. That’s why we can create custom medal hangers just for your needs.

Personalising your medal hanger is a great way to make it unique and showcase your personality. One way to do this is by adding custom text or quotes that inspire you. You can choose motivational phrases, running mantras, or even personal mottos that reflect your values and beliefs.

This will not only make your medal hanger stand out but also serve as a daily reminder of why you run and what drives you.

Another creative way to personalise your medal hanger is by adding decorative elements.
Thanks to colour print It could be almost anything you wish too. On the metal surface of the hanger we can print logos, images, distances, events names, locations, motivational phrases and many more with various colours and textures.

These additional elements added to your medal hanger, will make it more visually appealing and eye-catching.

Tip: If you are organising a series of events, a dedicated hanger for all medals possible to win during the event will be a great idea. This will motivate participants to take part in all editions of the event.


Available colours

Our colour palette obviously includes traditional colours such as gold, silver and bronze in two versions: transparent and opaque. In addition, there are nine other beautiful colours. The hangers are powder-coated in RAL colours as below.

Important information

Production & ordering sports medal hangers

All hangers in our offer are made of a durable piece of metal. The shapes are precisely cut with a laser and then powder coated in the selected colour.
We can design any pattern of any medal hanger in a shape which isn’t larger than 120 x 80 cm. You can enhance the look of a medal hanger with a colour print.

The turnaround time for a custom-made project is approximately 10 business days from the artwork approval.

The price depends on the size and quantity of the hanger

Ask the customer care assistan for free quotation

Motivate yourself

The importance of displaying your medals

Every success you complete is worth celebrating. One of the best ways to commemorate your accomplishments is by displaying your medals using a medals hanger. Not only does it serve as a reminder of your hard work and determination, but it also inspires others to pursue their own fitness goals.

When you see your medals hanging on the wall, it reminds you of all the hard work you put in to achieve them. It also serves as a visual representation of what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something.

Select the right hanger

Choosing the perfect medal hanger for your sports achievements

Choosing the perfect medal hanger for your achievements is an important decision that requires careful consideration. There are many different types of medal hangers available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. When selecting a medal hanger, it’s important to think about your personal style, the number of medals you have, and where you plan to display them.

If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple and elegant, a minimalist medal hanger may be the perfect choice for you. These hangers typically feature clean lines and a sleek design that will complement any decor.

On the other hand, if you want something more eye-catching and bold, a decorative personalised medal hanger with intricate designs or motivational quotes may be more your style.

Another factor to consider when choosing a medal hanger is how many medals you have. If you’re just starting out as a runner and only have a few medals to display, a smaller hanger may be sufficient.

However, if you’ve been collecting medals for years and have accumulated dozens of medals, you’ll need a larger hanger that can accommodate all of them without looking cluttered or overwhelming.

Suitable for all sports

Medal hangers not only for runners

Medal hangers for runners have become a popular trend in the world of sports. These items offer both a functional storage solution and a unique way to celebrate personal achievements. But, why limit this honour to runners?

Sports medal hangers can be for everyone, not just runners. They’re ideal for any athlete, whether you’re a seasoned swimmer, an adventurous cyclist, a skilled gymnast or basketball player.

We can design hangers to showcase your achievements.

Why is it worth buying custom medal hangers from us?


The minimum order for medal hangers is 5 units.

Short lead time

The production process may take approximately 10 working days from the approval of the design.

Fully customized

Whole personalization is made by us in accordance to create graphic design. With our help you can receive amazing fully customized hanger.

Custom made shapes

We can create any shape of the hangers. All depends from what you need.

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