Kids in classroom and school awards made by winmed

School is a fantastic place to stimulate the growth of young people. To motivate them. To teach them how to achieve better results. To develop positive habits, like sports. How can you value the efforts? Of course, with different school awards.

What are the school awards?

Sport is an integral part of school life and education. Exercise means health. And the young body needs physical activity as it is an essential element of healthy growth.

Taking part in training and sport events helps to learn how to concentrate or compete in fair play. It is a great opportunity to build positive habits every day. Sports awards are an ideal way to strengthen motivation for further work.

What other activities will you find at school? Different contests, projects and other programs are organised to increase students’ creative thinking. We live in a knowledge society. That requires skills to find, process and utilise information. A lot of information. Learning and exploring new topics is essential. The students have to know that it is worth learning. Giving a reward is the best way to support such an attitude.

What kind of awards do we offer for schools? Below you find examples:

Now we want to present specific solutions for each type and give inspiration on what they can look like.

Well-done medals - an affordable solution for school awards

A well-done medal is a simple but strong reward for any effort. It does not make any recognition of who got the first, second or third place. And it is a useful solution if you need awards for many participants just for their attendance at an event.

From the wide range of different products, we recommend steel medals.

Steel medals in any shape and form are the right solution if you need:

Standard-shaped steel medals may be useful when:

Well-done medals can be simple, just with the words “well-done”. Another option is a medal with the full name of the event. We create graphics and text according to your wishes.

Sports day medals - a healthy initiative to give school awards

How to integrate the community of school students? A sports day is an amazing idea! Students will show what disciplines they are good at. And how they made progress in comparison to previous events.

You can combine individual contests and team sports tournaments. At the end of the day, give rewards for all their efforts.

So, what to choose for sports day medals? We recommend printed cast medals and eco medals as you can get them in a short time.

Printed cast medals meet such requirements as:

Eco medals match the idea of a healthy way of life, in balance with nature:

The school awards do not need to be extraordinary. But they appreciate the participation and effort. So that the students have the motivation to engage in different events in the future.

School trophies dedicated to teams

For team competitions, it might be better to prepare a trophy. The reward goes to the team because every team member contributed to the achievement. If you like, every participant in the victory might get a medal, as an additional award.

Trophies with engraving will draw attention presented in a special showcase at school. Or another dedicated place where everybody can admire the successes of the students.

You can choose between several types of trophies in our offer:

We use different techniques to personalise the trophies:

When you need something special, please contact us. We will check the production possibilities and get back to you with information.

Graduation medals - exceptional school awards

The end of school is a milestone in education. Often, there is a ceremony to celebrate the event. It is a perfect moment to award a graduation medal. It stays with you for a long time, if not for a lifetime.

A graduation medal is a perfect gift to remember the fact of finishing school. Each time you look at it, it will bring back vivid memories, even after many years. This kind of award should be made with special care and from high-quality materials

What do we recommend for graduation medals? Bespoke medals. They are produced from exceptional materials and stand out with precise workmanship.

Bespoke medals are perfect if you look for excellent awards that have:

Please consider that bespoke medals need time to be accurately made. The lead time is longer than for other products. In exchange, you receive a high-quality, custom-made product. It will last in its shape and colour for a long time.

We offer high-quality school trophies and medals

No matter what you choose, we guarantee that the final product will be made with precision and care. Do you feel like you need more inspiration? Please check our gallery for more examples of medals and trophies we offer.