Three custom made medals made by Winmed

You are planning an event, your head is full of ideas, and you need to order custom-made medals. Don’t know what to choose? Stay calm. You just need someone who advises you on:

  • What is the best solution for you?
  • And what is relevant to your industry?

The good news is — we can help you! Below, you find information on how different techniques and customised details make the lead time longer or shorter.

The start: Project artwork for your custom-made medals

Depending on the time remaining for the event, you must make some important decisions. The first is to choose the type of medal.

Please send us the ideas you want to include. We will prepare an artwork for you. Our graphic designers’ team works within 72 hours to prepare the artwork. It will meet your requirements based on our experience and knowledge of the industry.

If there are any corrections, we will handle them as soon as possible. The production of the custom-made medals starts after the artwork approval date.

What custom-made medals can you order with a delivery time of 4 weeks?

It is ideal when you have at least 4 weeks to design your medal. You are to choose from all medal types and ranges. And there are many ways of personalization. We will offer you state-of-the-art custom-made medals.

Cast medals — customisation at the highest level

Our cast medals offer many ways to fit into your individual needs. You can think of any shape and any additional elements. The Zamak (combination of zinc and aluminium) makes them plastic and ideal for metal processing.

We use steel moulds to manufacture cast medals. It sets us apart from other companies in the industry. These moulds allow mapping any shape and any details of the medal. The graphic design matches the final product with 100% accuracy.

We produce cast medals with workmanship precision. We guarantee that. And use this approach for convex elements and openwork. Such variety makes the medal attractive to the eye.

You may decide between 2D and 3D relief. There is a slight difference between both. The main features of 3D relief are:

  • the surface height levels are more visible, and one has the notion that the composition is brought out from the background
  • reliefs are more detailed
  • more openwork possibilities

There are techniques which make the custom-made medal look even more valuable. We offer galvanization in cooperation with our supplier. If you decide to do it, the production time increases approximately by an extra 2-3 weeks. However, you receive a custom-made medal in traditional shiny colours.

Custom made medals for Night Run

Can I order custom-made medals if there is less than 4 weeks to the event?

Are there less than 4 weeks to the event? You still have a chance to create a custom-made medal that the participants will fall in love with. In this category, you can choose between printed cast medals and steel medals in any shape or size.

Printed cast medals — many customisation options, extraordinary outcome

The medals with colour-print are eye-catchers and offer a great opportunity for customisation.

They can be used for several events in a series. You just change the graphic, text, and ribbon. Such a quick adjustment saves time. You do not need to prepare and produce a custom-made medal from scratch. And your budget likes it as well.

Printed cast medals are also very practical. Especially when you organise an event:

• in several age categories (change the age group on the medal)
• within certain time intervals (change the date, year etc.)
• in various locations (change the country, city etc.)

Thanks to the innovative UV print, your cast medals are eye-catchers and practical at the same time.

Steel medals — classics in any shape and size

Do you have only 2 weeks to prepare awards for the event? Consider steel medals available in 15 colours.

We produce them in any shape and size thanks to the laser cut technique. We guarantee workmanship precision. It means that the medal will exactly match your graphic design.

There are no limits to the form here. Including creative medals that look like puzzles. Medal puzzles consist of several elements. They can be given separately, but if someone collects all of them, each part contributes to the whole! This is a great motivation to take part in every event!

A personalised ribbon with your own text and logo is the perfect match for your medal. Note that the sublimation ribbons need about 2 weeks in production.

Do you need custom-made medals produced in 1 week?

In this category, you can choose between standard-shaped medals and eco medals. Both types are available within approximately 1 week after the design approval date.

Steel medals in standard shape — customisation with a short delivery term

You decide between 5 ready-made steel medals in 5 colour versions. We have them at hand from our warehouse, so the lead time for customisation is only one week.

You can add individual details like the UV print on one or both sides. There is also an option for adding extra elements made from other materials. But please check beforehand how it affects the production time of custom-made medals.

Standard-shaped medals have personalised features and a quick production time at an affordable price. In the case of small budgets, this option is worth considering.

Wood medals — time & eco-friendly

Lastly, wood medals are an alternative for preparing an unusual award. Think about an event for participants who value environmental and ecological issues.

Eco medals made from plywood or birch wood discs are easy to process. We produce them within 1 week from the design approval date.

Another advantage is their lightness and naturalness. An interesting design of eco medals gives a unique character. Because no two pieces of wood are the same.

The delivery time of custom-made medals

Once the medals are ready, we prepare a delivery to the given address. You will receive the details about the date by email. We ensure the custom-made medals are properly packed, so they arrive at your place without damage. Usually, it takes a few working days to deliver the package. In case of an extra urgent issue, we organise transport by air.

Our reliable service to produce custom-made medals on time

We combine artistic work and technical experience in the production of custom-made medals. From scratch to the final product, we are on your side.

We solve problems if they occur. And we clear any doubts thanks to our experienced staff and over 30 years of experience as a medal manufacturer.

Please contact us in case of any questions. We are ready to help. We want to make your purchase of the custom-made medal pleasant and easy!


Following the above-mentioned tips will surely enable you to select a perfect sports competition medal in right time. However, if you have any additional questions, contact your consultant who will be happy to provide all the necessary information.