Winmed is a leader in custom-made trophy production! We take pride in our wide range of karate trophies, which are beautiful, unique, and crafted from top-quality materials. Regardless of your needs, we have something for you – from shining metal trophies, elegant glass statuettes, impressive column awards to original mixed media trophies. We invite you to explore our offerings!

Karate trophies in modern metal versions

At the forefront of our offering are our unmatched metal karate trophies. Perfect in shape and style, these awards reflect the strength and endurance that are key in karate. Carved from the best materials, our metal trophies are durable, while simultaneously being elegant. Each of them is unique, designed with special achievements and dedication in mind. Additionally, their perfect finish makes them the center of attention at any award ceremony. Our karate trophies are available in various sizes and styles to meet all your needs.

High-quality glass karate trophies

Our glass karate trophies are refined and stylish. Each statuette is meticulously made from the highest quality crystals and glass, making them a true expression of elegance. These glass trophies are an ideal solution for those who value subtlety and classic design as much as durability and resilience. They are not only a reflection of achievements but also a piece of art in itself. Their transparency and sparkle add to their prestige, emphasizing the importance of every award ceremony.

Classic awards in a modern edition

Winmed also offers a wide selection of column awards. These impressive karate trophies combine tradition and modernity, making them an excellent choice for any karate event. Each column award is unique, making the recipient feel exceptionally appreciated. These monumental awards stand on a solid base and are available in various styles, allowing us to match them to any event and personal preferences.

Experiment with materials for a unique effect

In order to provide an even wider choice, we also offer mixed media trophies. These original awards combine various materials such as metal, glass, and wood, creating unique and memorable karate trophies. Each of them is handmade, and their complexity and attention to detail make them a true masterpiece. These awards are a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, which will undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention.

Unique medals to brighten up every karate tournament

Don't forget about our wide range of medals! In our offer, we have both medals tailored to individual needs - bespoke medals, and medals from printed casts - printed cast medals. There is also no shortage of steel medals, and for those looking for more eco-friendly solutions, we propose eco medals. Each medal is designed to fully reflect the achievements and hard work that is necessary to achieve success in karate.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our gallery of completed projects. Each of our karate trophies is designed to highlight success and hard work. If you are looking for an unforgettable award that will remain in the recipient's memory for a long time, Winmed is the perfect place to find it. We encourage you to place orders and enjoy our unique products. Our teams are waiting to help you create the perfect award for your event.


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