At Winmed, we recognize the deep meaning of special moments in life. For years, we’ve been crafting custom trophies that serve as more than just awards; they’re cherished reminders of significant times. Our angel trophy is a prime example. It’s not just an object—it’s a testament to care, love, and the support that’s always there, even if unseen. To those who receive it, it speaks of their unique value and worth.

Every trophy we craft is infused with our utmost care and attention. Our goal is for you to have more than just an aesthetically pleasing item. We aim for it to evoke cherished memories and emotions. When you choose Winmed, you’re opting for quality intertwined with a genuine passion for creating lasting symbols.

Why choose us for your angel trophy?

At Winmed, as a leading trophy and medal manufacturer in Europe, we understand the importance of our clients’ unique visions. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that your angel trophy becomes a reality, reflecting your distinct concept. Our commitment to customization allows us to adapt each trophy to individual needs.

We boast the most advanced machinery park in Poland, enabling us to handle even the most intricate orders. The materials we use, such as metal, glass, marble, cast, and wood, are of the highest quality. Combining them with modern techniques like 3D printing and laser engraving ensures that every trophy we produce is a true work of art.

We are committed to offering competitive prices tailored to the needs of each client. We also offer fast turnaround times, even within 5–6 business days from project confirmation. Despite such short timelines, we guarantee that the quality of our customized trophies remains top-notch. Every award that leaves our hands meets the highest standards and brings satisfaction to our clients.

Discover the diversity of awards we offer

Our passion for crafting unique trophies shines through in every detail. Here's what we can provide when you choose to create your angel trophy with us: Metal trophies — Precisely laser-cut, perfectly reflecting the award shape you envision. Column awards — Elegant and timeless, captivating with their simplicity and class. Glass trophies — Unique designs with customization options such as engraving or adding individual graphics. Mixed trophies — A combination of different materials like metal, glass, wood, or marble, resulting in a true work of art.

Additionally, let's not forget about our personalized medals; each one is crafted with individual achievements and events in mind. Every award that leaves our production line is a testament to our commitment to quality and creativity. By choosing Winmed, you're opting for excellence in the realm of trophies.

Make your event shine with award sets from Winmed

Explore the possibilities with Winmed. We are proficient in curating comprehensive award packages. If you need a harmonious, well-crafted solution, we're your go-to. Regardless of whether it's a sports or business event, our awards will command attention. We offer a wide range of products, including medals in any shape and color and custom trophies, ensuring your awards and events stand out. By choosing our award sets, you get a harmonious ensemble. Our team handles all the details, ensuring you get a top-quality product. Plus, our competitive pricing allows you to have a complete award package within your budget. Reach out to us, and we'll help you craft a perfect set that matches your event's vibe and theme. With us, professionalism meets efficiency, and our award sets will not just make your event unique but also leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Explore our trophy gallery and get inspired

Looking for inspiration to design your own angel trophy? Visit our gallery to see the various awards we've created for clients. Take advantage of our talented designers, who can assist you in preparing an amazing trophy project. For advice on personalizing awards, read our blog post, "How to Create a Unique, Personalized Trophy." Your trophy creation process should be simple and stress-free. Whether you choose metal, glass, or a simple or complex project, the possibilities are endless. Our team is always ready to offer a budget-friendly solution and ensure quick order execution.

We extend a warm invitation to contact us and unveil our wide array of trophies, making your occasion truly standout.


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

Angel trophy


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