At Winmed, we create not only awards, but primarily emotions. Over the years, we have honed our skills to deliver awards that are unique, high-quality and above all – made with passion. Prepare to discover exceptional basketball trophies that will forever change the way you perceive awards.

What is the phenomenon of our company?

Our offer includes a wide range of basketball trophies – from metal trophies, through glass trophies, column awards, to mixed media awards. Each product is made to order, which means it can be tailored to specific requirements and also given a personal touch. What sets us apart is our modern machinery park – one of the most advanced in the industry, which allows for precise execution of even the most complex projects.

Basketball trophy created with passion

At Winmed, we believe that the most important ingredient of any award is passion. It is the emotion that drives us to constantly seek excellence, innovation and to push boundaries. Our team of experienced artists and craftsmen consists of people for whom creating awards is not a job, but a mission. For them, each order is not just a set of technical challenges to overcome, but above all an opportunity to create something unique that will be appreciated and remembered for years. Our teams work tirelessly, putting their whole heart and soul into each project. 

They take care of every detail, ensuring that each award is perfectly made, aesthetic and meets the highest quality standards. They use the latest technology, but do not forget about traditional craftsmanship techniques that give our products a unique character. Thanks to them, we can proudly claim that our basketball trophies are not just objects, but true mementos of success. Every Winmed award is the result of hours of passionate work, which is visible in every detail, in every engraving and finish.

Why choose our basketball trophies?

By giving our basketball trophies, you not only acknowledge achievements, but also participate in building bonds and long-lasting relationships. Through this gesture, you show that you value the effort and hard work that has been put into the task. An individually designed basketball trophy can evoke true emotions - joy, pride, satisfaction - and engrave them in memory. Basketball trophies from our offer are also a perfect way to underline the prestige of the event, tournament or competition. The unique design and high quality of our products add glamour to any ceremony, enhancing its image and contributing to the positive experience of participants.

Unique class medal proposals

In addition to our exceptional basketball trophies, we also offer a wide range of medals. They differ in personalization techniques and the material they are made of. Each of them is crafted with the utmost precision, taking into account the finest details to highlight the significance of the achievements that the winners celebrate. Our custom-made medals are created according to your specifications to perfectly fit your event. We believe that everyone deserves a unique award. That's why we are always up for new challenges and eager to help you realize your vision. No matter what kind of medal you're looking for, we can provide a product that meets all your expectations. We invite you to view our gallery, where you can find many inspiring implementations. Get to know the wide spectrum of our capabilities and get inspired to create your own, unique award. And if you already have an idea, contact us. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and help transform your ideas into reality.


Get inspired with the trophies we have created so far. We can make something just as beautiful for you!

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