Run The Lake Silver Finisher

Laser-cut metal statuette with convex UV printing elements with a three-dimensional effect.

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Trophy for the Run The Lake Silver Finisher competition

As an organizer of running competitions, you should take care of the originality of the statuettes you hand out. WinMed was able to prepare such for the Run The Lake competition. These custom statuettes were cut with a laser, taking the original shape. In addition, we covered the whole thing with a colourful print, which was raised in some places. Thanks to this, the most characteristic elements can be felt under the fingers.

Running statuettes dedicated to your sports event

Our clients are a group of demanding people with diverse needs and taste. Some focus on classic solutions, others look for innovations, posing interesting challenges for us. Many years of experience in the industry gave us the ability to meet really every expectation. Thanks to the most modern machine park in the industry, we can create statuettes of almost any size, shape or colour. We upgrade our projects with the highest quality materials that you can combine with each other. The final effect meets your expectations and delights all participants, making your event stand out.

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Used materials:

Marble base

Personalization techniques used:

UV printing
Laser cutting
UV 3D printing

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