Tall football statuette made of two laser-cut metal elements placed on a wooden base.

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Impressive football statuette for Maspex

Football is one of the most popular team sports in the world. Therefore, the organizers of football tournaments must make sure that their event stands out from the rest. The organizer of the MASPEX tournament, for which we have prepared custom trophies, knows this well. The statuettes made by us are a combination of two metal panels placed on a wooden base. We cut the metal elements using a laser so that their shape referred to both football and the category in which the award was given. We distinguished each category by a different, perfectly cut figure, e.g. a goalkeeper. In addition, the statuette is filled with a colourful print that complements the football theme.

Modern awards for your football competitions

Every football tournament is different. That is why, at Winmed we approach each order individually, creating football trophy tailored to the event. With us, you will create beautiful prizes that will distinguish both entire teams and individual players, and even coaches. All you have to do is present us your vision of the award and we will implement the project that will delight the athletes and increase the popularity of your event.

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Used materials:


Personalization techniques used:

UV printing
Laser cutting

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