Jeunatnes Cempionats

Golden, metal statuette covered with a colourful UV print. The statuette is part of the prize set that we have prepared for this event.

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Custom trophy for the Jeunatnes Cempionats tournament

The atmosphere that accompanies football competitions is very exciting and evokes a lot of emotions. Therefore, their memento should be distinctive enough to remind the players of their success for a really long time. These are our football awards, which we create to individual orders. One of them was a custom football trophy made for the Jeunatnes Cempionats. They have an original shape, cut with a laser from metal panels. A strong accent of this statuette are the precise cutouts inside. They add dynamism to the whole and perfectly match the expressive colour print with a football theme.

Football trophies in a modern version

At WinMed, we focus on modernity. It is the key to creating original prizes that you cannot pass by indifferently. When creating trophies, we use our most modern machinery in the industry. Thanks to it, we can combine unconventional materials and implement almost any project. In addition, we approach each order individually, personalizing and adjusting it to the circumstances. This makes the prizes we create the perfect symbols of winning.

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Used materials:

Marble base

Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
Powder coating
UV 3D printing

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