Dali Dali Līgas

Metal trophy with a laser, placed on a black marble base The statuette is part of the set of prizes for the Dali Dali Ligas football tournament.

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Dali Dali Ligas with football trophies

During a football tournament, the whole team fights for victory. However, its success also depends to a large extent on the individual abilities of the players. Therefore, both entire teams and the best players should be properly rewarded. The organizer of the Dali Dali Ligas tournament thought of it and had modern football prizes prepared by WinMed. Among them were both commemorative medals and amazing trophies made of metal. These custom statuettes have a geometric rectangular shape with intriguing rounding. What’s more, their black base colour is the perfect background for a vivid, colourful print. At the bottom of the prize there are also interesting cutouts that diversify the whole and emphasize the printed decoration of the ball. All this is crowned with a marble base, adding weight to the award.

Custom trophies to distinguish the best athletes

At WinMed, the definition of team success includes the contribution of each competitor. That is why, our company creates unique awards dedicated to each discipline and each athlete. Thanks to our most modern machine park in the industry, we are able to create prizes with an original shape, spectacular size, strong colours and unconventional form. Our qualified staff is not afraid of challenges. They boldly combines materials and experiments, adding variety to the trophies, e.g. elements printed in a 3D printer. All this to make the trophy surprising and meet all customer expectations.

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Used materials:

Marble base

Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
Powder coating
UV 3D printing

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