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Arnsberg Open

Large trophies for martial arts sports, placed on a personalised marble base. They are distinguished by their size, shape, and the colourful print covering the entire award.

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Other rewards included in this set:

Arnsberg Open with spectacular custom trophies from Winmed

The awards given at the Arnsberg Open are as unique as the skills displayed by the winners. Large, custom-made metal trophies not only catch the eye but also reflect the prestige of this esteemed event.

Their shape was laser-cut and then covered with a colourful print in multiple hues. This print was locally elevated to give the award a three-dimensional effect. Moreover, these martial arts trophies proudly stand on a marble base with a personalised plaque.

Winmed – Trophy manufacturer tailored for every sport

As an experienced custom award manufacturer, we create original awards for various occasions every day. One of them was the Arnsberg Open, for which we prepared a unique set of awards that were assembled by the best of the best.

The set includes beautiful trophies and bespoke medals of similar shape. We were able to create these awards using the potential of our state-of-the-art machine park in the industry. Thanks to it, hundreds of timeless awards dedicated to various occasions leave our workshop every day.

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Used materials:

Marble base

Personalization techniques used:

UV printing
Laser cutting
First step
Your needs

Tell us about your event or about the award you have in mind that should be presented on that event. Give us some basic info about the date of the event, the amount of awards and the budget you have.

Second step
Offer for you

Our sales person will suggest a few ideas that will meet your expactations. Together you will choose the most suitable solution. Then, we will prepare a quote within 24 hours.

Third step
Design a statuette

All you need to do is present your idea and a team of talented graphic designers will prepare a design for you. As a standard, we need 48 hours to prepare a design.

Fourth step
Start production

After accepting the design proof and meeting the specified terms of cooperation, we will provide you with the exact production time of your award. Depending on the complexity of the design, it may take a minimum of 8 working days.

Fifth step
Finished trophy

We will carefully secure the finished trophies and prepare them for shipment by a courier company. We will inform you about the date of shipment of the goods, and you will recive all the necessary information by e-mail.

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