Run The Lake Gold Finisher

Laser-cut golden statuette in an interesting shape.

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Eye-catching trophy for the Run The Lake competition

Accurate, convex UV print distinguishes Winmed statuette from others. A sports trophy is not only a prize that can be used to honour the best players. It is also a business card of the event you organize. Therefore, running statuettes should be consistent with the climate and characteristics of the competition. These are the trophies we have prepared for the Run The Lake. For their production, we used metal processed with a laser. Thanks to this, we have obtained an unusual eye-catching shape. What’s more, the statuette was covered with a golden colour that symbolizes victory and graphics made with a colourful print was applied on the surface. The most characteristic decorations, such as outlines of rivers, are additionally felt under the fingertips.

Running statuettes for the best competitors

At each sporting competition, a winner is determined. Our clients want to distinguish them in a unique way handing out awards prepared with great attention to details and taste. Therefore, the event they organize stays in the memory of all participants for a longer time. With Winmed, each organizer can fully adjust the prize to the event. Thanks to our most modern machine park in the industry, we are able to implement almost any custom trophies. You decide on the size, shape, colours and materials that we will use to produce your prize. With us, you can order just one piece or dozens of original statuettes that will make you stand out on the market.

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Used materials:

Marble base

Personalization techniques used:

UV printing
Laser cutting

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