Run The Lake Kids

Colorful children's medals with eye-catching UV prints.

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Why Run The Lake Kids Medals Stand Out?

The answer is simple: vivid colors. These children’s running medals feature a unique shape combining a rectangle and an oval, creating an eye-catching design. The extra space allows for beautiful decorations, like the lake graphic and running trail, perfectly capturing the spirit of Run The Lake.

Winmed – Custom Medals Perfect for Your Event!

Whether you want simple elegance or vibrant designs, Winmed can create custom cast or steel medals to meet your needs. Our modern machinery and attention to detail ensure every medal is of the highest quality. Check out our gallery to see our stunning projects and get inspired for your own custom medals.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
40 x 60 mm
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV 3D printing
First step
Your needs

Tell us about your event or about the medal you have in mind that should be presented on that event. Easiest way to do this is to fill out quotation form we have prepared.

Second step
Offer for you

Our sales person will contact you to talk about your request. Then, we will prepare a quote within 24 hours.

Third step
Design a medal

Team of talented graphic designers will prepare a design for you. As a standard, we need 48 hours to prepare a design.

Fourth step
Start production

After accepting the design proof and meeting the specified terms of cooperation, we will provide you with the exact production time of your medals. Depending on the medal type, it may take from 5 to 20 working days.

Fifth step
Finished medals

We will carefully secure the finished medals and prepare them for shipment by a courier company. We will inform you about the date of shipment of the goods, and you will recive all the necessary information by e-mail.

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