Overall Winner

Metal trophy with a colourful print, placed on a black marble base. Text and graphic elements raised to the maximum give a 3D effect.

Lead time


working days*

Trophy custom for Overall Winner

A beautiful, sculpted silhouette is undoubtedly the hallmark of athletes. That is why, some of them decide to participate in unique competitions, during which the main role is played by the perfect presentation of an ideal, sports figure. The winner of such a competition should, therefore, receive a prize that will look as gorgeous as his body. An example of such a prize is a metal trophy prepared to individual order by WinMed for the Overall Winner. We cut its round shape using a laser, which allowed us to achieve an incredibly precise effect. In addition, we applied a colourful print to the metal surface, then covered with a shiny varnish. We placed the whole thing on a massive, black marble base.

Modern custom statuettes for your event

Statuettes are unique prizes that emphasize the importance and essence of victory. They are also important keepsakes placed in a place of honour at home. Therefore, it is worth adding an individual character to them, including it in the design. With WinMed, you have the option to personalize each of your trophies by selecting the material, shape, size, or color to your exact specifications. Choose from our wide range of personalized trophies to find the perfect match for your event or competition. What’s more, you can mix different forms and experiment almost freely, adding, for example, elements printed in a 3D printer. All this is perfectly suited to the nature of the event so that the recipients can remember their participation in your competitions longer.

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Used materials:

Marble base

Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV printing
First step
Your needs

Tell us about your event or about the award you have in mind that should be presented on that event. Give us some basic info about the date of the event, the amount of awards and the budget you have.

Second step
Offer for you

Our sales person will suggest a few ideas that will meet your expactations. Together you will choose the most suitable solution. Then, we will prepare a quote within 24 hours.

Third step
Design a statuette

All you need to do is present your idea and a team of talented graphic designers will prepare a design for you. As a standard, we need 48 hours to prepare a design.

Fourth step
Start production

After accepting the design proof and meeting the specified terms of cooperation, we will provide you with the exact production time of your award. Depending on the complexity of the design, it may take a minimum of 8 working days.

Fifth step
Finished trophy

We will carefully secure the finished trophies and prepare them for shipment by a courier company. We will inform you about the date of shipment of the goods, and you will recive all the necessary information by e-mail.

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