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personalised trophies

We can create custom trophies tailored to your needs

Each success in sport or business requires a proper reward. Usually, a personalized award is one of the best options to choose from. It becomes a souvenir that will remind us of our successes over the years. So let’s make sure the custom trophies will be unique and unrepeatable.
We design completely unique awards that are made of a combination of various materials and personalization techniques. Thanks to modern technology, we can create almost any trophy you dream of. Find out more about the process of creating statuettes, what we can do and get inspired by our ready made projects!

Why should you trust us?

Every year we creating hundreds of medals and personalised trophies. We have the largest machine park in the industry which allows us to perform most of the designs that are technically possible to create. 

We carry out the whole production ourselves, without subcontractors! Thanks to this, we guarantee production and delivery on time.

What else distinguish our offer:

Custom-made design

We create a design tailored to your needs. Team of experienced graphic designers is at your disposal at every stage of the designing process.

Comprehensive offer

We create unique awards, the character of which will suit business occasions, special events and sports events. Choose from various materials and techniques suit to your budget. Our products fit every budget.

Lead time

We execute the order even in 5-6 business days from the moment of confirming the design proof.

No minimum orders

We have no minimum production limits. You can easily order even one trophy.

Custom made football trophy
The entire production of personalised trophies takes place only in our plant in Stalowa Wola, Poland. The largest and most modern machinery park in Poland in the trophy industry allows us to perform 100% of every order placed.

What effects can we achive within our custom trophies

Custom trophies colour print

Perfect colour print with 3d effects

Any shape of trophies thankfully to laser cut technique

3D print elements

Custom trophy materials

Multilayered trophies combined from various materials

The materials we use to create custom awards

Custom trophies materials

"I need something special, but I don't have any idea how it should looks" - don't worry we will help you!

Designing custom awards

An interesting and unique trophy can change a lot. Tell us about your event or about the award you have in mind that should be presented on that event. If you dont have an idea, don’t worry. Our sales person will suggest a few ideas to choose from. You will choose wich of them is most suitable solution for You.

After that our graphic designers will preapare a design in about 48h!

Our team of talented graphic designers can create truly amazing designs, and you can find proof of this in our gallery.

Get inspired by our gallery of trophies!

Designing custom awards
Custom medals production

Acceptance of the design and submission of the order

After receiving project and quotation, everything depends on you! Please try to send us your comments on the design as soon as possible, or if you do not have them, accept the design. The sooner we get your feedback on the design, the sooner we start production and deliver ready-made custom trophies to you.

Do you feel interested in our custom trophies?

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Custom sport trophies for any discipline. Reward efforts and sports achievements

Sport is great opurtunity to test your skills and strength in various disciplines. Loads of time spend of preapring body and mind to achive succes should be rewarded in unique and remorable way. That’s way we started creating special and peronalised trophies for sports.
Most popular disciplines which we doing this types of trophies are:
But there is no problem to create award for any discipline you wish for!

Awards for employees, boss or business partners. Custom corporate trophies

Celebrating company achivements should always be memorable moment. We believe it’s a good idea to hand in even small business awards to show your appreciation. Custom corporate trophies with personal inscription will do a great job in this case. You will finally properly appreciate and distinguish your employees as well as companies and contractors whom you cooperate with.
We are able to make almost any trophy with different levels of complexity. Some quick solutions allow us to make custom trophy in even 3 working days from project acceptance. However in difficult projects, creating process takes more days to finish. We will always inform you how much time we will need to complete your order! 
Contact our customer support and let’s create something amazing!

Red statuette

Statuette “Red Statuette”

Height: 24 cm
Used materials: metal, wood
Additional information: custom-made design, lasercut

Golf Park Józefów

Statuette “Golf Park Józefów”

Height: 17 cm
Used materials: glass, plexiglass
Additional information: custom-made design, lasercut, colour print

For The Best Scorer

Statuette “For The Best Scorer”

Height: 33 cm
Used materials: wood, metal
Additional information: colour print, custom-made design, lasercut

Vistula Sounds

Statuette “Vistula Sounds”

Height: 20 cm
Used materials: metal, marble
Additional information: custom-made design, lasercut, colour print

Bieg Tropem Wilczym

Statuette “Bieg Tropem Wilczym”

Height: 15 cm
Used materials: metal, wood
Additional information: custom-made design, lasercut, colour print