Firmenlauf Gorlitz

Cast medal with a colourful print depicting runners.

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Running Medals printed for the Firmenlauf Gorlitz

Good results count in sports. Achieving them, in turn, is associated with winning, which is closely related to rewarding. However, prizes are not just symbols of victory. It is also a motivation to achieve further successes and an amazing memento. That is why, we created unique running medals for the Firmenlauf Gorlitz. We made them from a high-pressure cast, which after appropriate processing, can take almost any shape. Our printed cast medals are also distinguished by a colourful print. In this particular project, we designated a special space for it. So that the colourful decorations focus the eye even more. In addition, we exposed a three-dimensional inscription with the name of the event on the surface of the medal. All this makes the prize delightful and looks amazing.

Elegant sports medals for your event

At WinMed, we can appreciate every athlete. How it’s possible? Well, we approach each order individually, creating a project dedicated to the discipline they practices. Our most modern machine park in the industry allows us to create original medals of any shape and form, using a variety of materials even the most unconventional ones, such as sand or resin. In addition, each medal is personalized with an overprint, engraving or coloured enamel. All this makes WinMed medals stand out from others, increasing the popularity of the event at which they are awarded.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
60 x 70 mm
Antique silver
standard ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting
UV printing

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