World Ninepin Bowling Association

Round cast medals in three colour versions with three-dimensional decorations and the organizer's logo.

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Bowling medals for the World Ninepin Bowling Association in three colours

Sport is not only blood, sweat and tears. It is also joy and satisfaction that are related to developing passions and making dreams come true. That is why, we have prepared something special for the World Ninepin Bowling Association, attended by true bowling enthusiasts. Our specialists created an original design of the medals which was implemented in our most modern machine park in the industry. This is how a series of round bespoke medals was created in three classic colours: gold, silver and bronze. These personalized medals are full of three-dimensional decorations and are topped with a sublimation ribbon.

Original high quality medals for podium winners

At WinMed, every win counts. Regardless of whether the participant took the first, second, third or next place – everyone deserves a proper distinction. That is why, among our prizes you will also find medals in three classic colours that you can easily match to the place taken by the participant. What’s more, the stylistically coherent line of medals with the logo looks beautiful and is more memorable. This, in turn, makes the participants remember the event longer. In addition, they will be more willing to participate in the next edition, being motivated to achieve an even better result.

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Features of the medal:

Round shape
Ø 55 mm
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting

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