A silver-coloured cast medal, combined with a rotating element located in its centre.

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Superheld medal with captivating rotating element

We love taking on unusual designs, one of which is the bespoke medal designed for the Superheld competition. Its originality is demonstrated by the rotating element placed inside its circular body. Properly attached, the element spins around its axis, which makes it undoubtedly an eye-catcher. Moreover, it is embellished with an H-shaped cut-out. There are also three-dimensional decorations made in the antique silver colour placed around the entire medal. These blend in perfectly with the whole design and have a great effect on your sense of touch.

Unforgettable running competition medals

For a medal to catch the eye and generate interest, it needs to stand out in some way. Most often, it is achieved through its shape, colour or size. However, our customers often decide to follow a different path. They opt for adding a rotating element or using an unconventional material, such as sand or resin. At Winmed, we employ state-of-the-art technology enabling us to create really spectacular designs. We design medals specifically for your event, following all guidelines important for you. As a result, the running medals we craft impress with non-standard solutions fully meeting your expectations.

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Features of the medal:

Round shape
Ø 70 mm
Antique silver
personalised ribbon
moving element

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting

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