Elegant wooden trophy combined with metal panels with a colourful print.

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A neat business trophy for the IQOS

Successes in the company are worth celebrating as much as victories in sports. That’s why, at WinMed we also create unique business trophies. One of them is the statuette we made for the IQOS. To prepare it, we used the highest quality wood, which we combined with laser-cut metal elements. Their expressive blue colour catches the eye and is a perfect background for a bright white print. Interestingly, there is a QR code on the surface of the prize, which is fully functional thanks to precise application.

Custom trophies made of high-quality wood

WinMed pays special attention to quality. Thanks to this, all the awards we create meet the highest standards of our customers. This is possible thanks to our most modern machine park in the industry. With its help, we are able to make almost any project, also the one that combines non-standard materials. Thanks to this, the award not only impresses and is memorable, but is also perfectly matched to the event, increasing the popularity of the event you organize.

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Used materials:


Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
Powder coating
UV printing

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