König Ludwig Lauf

Black rectangular steel medal with a colourful print and a sublimation ribbon.

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Elegant steel medals with ribbon for the König Ludwig Lauf

Sports activity is also possible in winter. Winter sports have lots of enthusiasts who take part in various competitions and races. One of such events is the König Ludwig Lauf. Its winter character can be felt not only in the atmosphere but also in the medals prepared for the competitors. They received unique customized medals with an elegant design. They have a classic rectangular shape and black colour, which is the perfect background for a personalized print. On the surface of the medal there are also precisely made decorations with a winter theme. Their structure is felt under the fingers. The whole is topped with a stylistically matched sublimation ribbon.

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At WinMed, we create custom-made projects every day. All our medals are in line with our customers’ expectations and they become symbols of their sports event. As an experienced manufacturer of medals, we have the latest technology at our disposal, thus we are able to manage virtually any project. With us, you will create elegant medals that will add prestige to the event you organize.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
50 x 75 mm
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

Laser cutting
UV printing

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