Makkabi Deutschland Winter Games 2023

Round steel medal in three colour versions with a three-dimensional print in the middle.

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Makkabi Deutschland Winter Games with a set of tricolour medals

Winmed’s offer includes projects created for various sports competitions and also for winter sports. One of such is the Makkabi Deutschland Winter Games, for which we were happy to prepare original steel medals. They have a circular shape cut with a laser. What’s more, we made them in three classic colour versions: gold, silver and bronze. Thanks to this, the organizer was able to efficiently honoured the winners of the first three places. The medals are distinguished by a colourful print, which in the central part can be felt under the fingers. Thanks to this, the reward affects the senses and is even more memorable.

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As a medals manufacturer we’ve been active on the market for many years and creates and implements even the most obvious projects. This is facilitated by our most modern machine park in the industry, thanks to which we can create medals of various shapes and colours. What’s more, with us, you decide what material we will use to make the prize. You can be sure that the medals prepared for you will be fully tailored to your expectations, bringing joy to the recipients.

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Features of the medal:

Round shape
Ø 70 mm
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

UV 3D printing
Laser cutting

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