Dansk Automobil Sports Union

Oval cast medals with convex decorations in three colours.

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Three medals for the Dansk Automobil Sports Union

Motor sports is a very exciting field that has many enthusiasts. Some of them regularly participate in various competitions hoping to win memorable medals. At WinMed, we create original medals commemorating sports successes. The award we created for the Dansk Automobil Sports Union is such a realization. These are cast medals in three classic colour versions: gold, silver and bronze. Each of the medals has an oval shape with distinctive decorations that are easy to feel under the fingers. What’s more, the whole is topped with a personalized ribbon in a matching colour.

Solid medals for your sporting event

Every sporting event is different. However, the best players are awarded at all of them, and commemorative medals are the most frequent choice of organisers. As a leading medals manufacturer, WinMed has been producing high-quality medals for years, utilizing the latest machinery in the industry. We make original medals every day, combining various materials and experimenting with the form. Thanks to this, we are able to make medals that meet all customer expectations. Our medals will be perfectly suited to each of your events and will delight the participants, what makes them want to take part in the next edition of the competition.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
40 x 70 mm
standard ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting

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