Gran Fondo Wicklow

Beautiful silver medal made of metal with colourful print. It catches the eye with its appealing shape and sparkling finish.

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Cutting-edge medals for Gran Fondo Wicklow

In order to meet ever-changing trends and growing clients’ expectations, we craft medals using the laser cutting technology. The steel medal designed for the Gran Fondo Wicklow event is a perfect example for the use of this technology. This medal comes in an attractive shape with a variety of add-ons, such as small openwork elements and a sprocket pattern at the bottom. In addition, the cyclist’s figure printed in colour makes it fit perfectly with the cycling race atmosphere. Moreover, our personalised medals catch the eye thanks to a special clear varnish coat adding a touch of chic.

Medals for your cycling event

Medals are not just prizes to recognise top athletes’ contribution and dedication. They can also use help you make your event unique, attracting crowds of new participants. This is because our cycling medals are tailored to individual orders. This means you can fabricate them in any shape, using diverse materials. Moreover, you can personalise each prize with a full-colour print or engraving. This will allow you to add your logo or distinctive branding to the medal.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
70 x 75 mm
Antique silver
standard ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

UV 3D printing
Laser engraving

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