5 tips how to choose a sport medal

Even an experienced sports event organiser might be in a quandary over correct medal selection. It is now wonder though, as there are so many types of medals available with different specifications. We have therefore decided to compile a list of important tips to guide you thorough the process of selecting a perfect sports medal for your event.

1. Having a quick look at a calendar is not a bad idea

It might seem weird, but it helps a lot. Why? Well, a medal manufacturer must know when your event takes place. This is due to the fact that sports competition medals are crafted using different technologies. Some designs, e.g. bespoke medals, take 4 weeks or more to fabricate, while producing eco-medals or steel medals takes half the time. Elaborating a design is also important. Note that the production process time is significantly shorter if you provide us with the final version.

How long does it take to produce medals?

2. Verify your budget constraints

Another tip on how to choose a perfect sports medal is to verify what budget you can allocate for prizes. It goes without saying that higher-profile events may need allocating more money for medals. However, this does not mean that only national or international competition participants should be presented with custom-made medals.

Our assortment includes medals in diverse price options. Once you have established your budget constraints and defined the number of medals you need, our consultant will help you choose the type of medals matching your budget. This way, even participants of smallest school competitions can be presented with unique, personalised medals.

We price each medal individually, depending on the design complexity and number of medals ordered. See below for a short list of medals, from the most expensive to most cost-effective ones.

Bespoke medals main features

3. Provide a design

You already know that having your own design automatically shortens the medal creation process. But what to do when a design is not available? This is when our skilled graphic designers come to the rescue. All you have to do is present your vision, tell us exactly what effect you would like to achieve and we will tailor the design to your event. You should remember that the more information we get, the better and more accurate the design will be. The next steps include approving the design, placing and order, and the rest is in our hands. Elaborating such a unique design takes 78 hour on average, but, most importantly, you can always introduce necessary modifications.

4. Select a ribbon

One might think that selecting a ribbon is child’s play. However, all elements have impact on medal appearance, and a correct ribbon is equally important. Therefore, you have two types of ribbons to choose from: standard ribbons from our catalogue and sublimated ribbons with colour prints. The former come in 20 standard colours available off-the-shelf from our stock. Personalised ribbons, on the other hand, can come in any colour scheme and include any printed design. Our ribbons are available in the following width versions: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 mm. Here, the lead time is approximately 2 weeks. Sublimate ribbons are an ideal solution to skilfully arrange logos and names of all your sponsors. We know very well that there can sometimes be quite a lot of them, and with this solution you can certainly fit them all in.

Personalised ribbons for medals

4. Let your creativity run free

Medals do not always have to be round and covered in basic colours. Today’s athletes want something more from a competition. They want a prize that they can proudly display and give them bragging rights on the Internet. Most of them are medal collectors. So when elaborating a medal design or commissioning one from us, you can let your imagination run wild. Over the years, we have created numerous outstanding designs for which we have used, for example, a compass, amber elements, magnets, sand elements, rotating elements or resin elements. Our state-of-the-art machinery park located in Poland enables us to craft truly amazing medals. Some of them are displayed in our gallery of extraordinary designs. Therefore, sky is the limit, and you can design a medal that will surely delight all participants.


Following the above-mentioned tips will surely enable you to select a perfect sports competition medal for your event. However, if you have any additional questions, contact your consultant who will be happy to provide all the necessary information.