EHF Championship Handball

Round, commemorative medal in silver colour with a maximally raised, colourful UV print.

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Medal for the EHF Championship Handball

The perfect way to reward both the team and the players is to hand them out commemorative medals. That is why, we have prepared a round steel medal in silver for the EHF Championships Handball. This unique product catches the eye with its form of a perfect circle. What’s more, the above-average thickness of the medal makes it heavier and more durable. The eye is also attracted by precise decorations applied using 3D printing technology. The whole is complemented by a colourless varnish that covers some elements of the print. Thanks to this, it shines beautifully, reflecting in the light.

Original medals for a handball match

Each organizer of sports competitions tries to make their event very popular. Being aware of this, we create original medals for each event. As WinMed, we assume that only thanks to an individual approach you can fully meet the client’s expectations. That’s why, our handball medals are unique, made with passion by our qualified and experienced team, which uses the capabilities of the most modern machinery in the industry on a daily basis. With WinMed, you will create medals in an original shape, amazing size or intriguing colours so that the medal is fully in line with your vision.

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Features of the medal:

Round shape
Ø 60 mm
without ribbon ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

UV 3D printing
Laser cutting

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