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We create custom medals for various occasions

The medal is a special award. Therefore, it must be eye-catching, unique and timeless. That is why our team will create medals for you in any shape and color – all in excellent quality. Custom-made graphic designs of medals are prepared by a team of experienced designers who work with passion and commitment. To sum up, original design, precision and the highest quality – all these distinguish us among others.

Running, triathlon, cycling and extreme events

Custom made running medals and cycling medals are very popular right now, especially medals prepared for virtual races

Championships, regional and local competitions

Medals made by our company will add splendor to local sports events and competitions. Participants are always delighted with our custom medals

For companies, clubs, foundations, institutions

Medals for distinguished associates and employees. We also make medals for uniformed services and the military medals

Jubilee, occasions and anniversaries

Personalised medals for special occasions and anniversaries. Unforgettable medals designed for our clients are a souvenir for many years!

Customized medals made with precision​

What distinguishes bespoke medals?

Customized medals with lots of details

Everything begins with a graphic design!

An interesting and unique bespoke medal can change a lot. Many participants in sports events are often collectors who expand their collection by supplementing it with new interesting specimens. Plain round medals that do not stand out are usually unattractive trophies.

Therefore, in order to increase the attendance of participants in the event you organize, it is worth preparing an interesting medal and that is why the design of the medal will be the most important!

Bespoke medals individual project

Our team of talented graphic designers can create truly amazing designs, and you can find proof of this in our gallery.

Get inspired by our gallery of medals!

If you want the design of the medal to go smoothly and quickly, you should prepare some preliminary information for us:

This information will help us significantly to speed up the entire design process.

Bespoke medals individual project
Custom medals production

Acceptance of the design and submission of the order

Usually, within 48 hours, we send a preliminary draft of the medal, in accordance with the received guidelines. From now on, everything depends on you!

Please try to send us your comments on the design as soon as possible, or if you do not have them, accept the design. The sooner we get your feedback on the design, the sooner we start production and deliver ready-made medals to you.

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How bespoke medals are done?

Bespoke medals are made of ZnAl alloy, which makes them durable, solid and plastic – ideal for metalworking. Our medals can be galvanized to achieve one of the colours: antique gold, silver, bronze, shiny gold, silver, green gold. What distinguishes us is a possibility of galvanic coating in two colors on one medal. Each medal can be additionally enriched with: – patination – which gives the medallion an aged look, – adding colour enamell to any element on the medal

We use steel moulds to manufacture bespoke medals

Steel moulds used in production are the highest class solution – commonly used synthetic moulds, much cheaper, are not as precise in the mapping of the shape and details of the medal as steel.

Thankfully to steel moulds we can achieve such a great precision!

The entire production of medals takes place only in our plant in Stalowa Wola, Poland. The largest and most modern machinery park in Poland in the trophy industry allows us to perform 100% of every order placed.

Medal Beach Run

Bespoke medal for “Beach Run”

Features of the medal:
Dimensions: Ø 70 mm
Neck ribbon: sublimated
Medal color: silver
Additional information: color filling, openwork

Custom made medal for Löwentriathlon

Löwentriathlon 2022

Bespoke medal for Löwentriathlon 2022

Features of the medal:
Disciplin: triathlon
Dimensions: 40 x 50 mm
Neck ribbon: personalised
Medal color:  silver
Additional information: lots of details, colour filling

Silver medal for event BEH Kalvariou

BEH Kalvariou

Bespoke medal for BEH Kalvariou

Features of the medal:
Disciplin: run
Dimensions:  40 x 50 mm
Neck ribbon: personalised
Medal color: silver, brown, gold
Additional information: lots of details

Medal Drei Talsperren Marathon

Medal Marathon of Three Dams

Medal for “Marathon of Three Dam”

Features of the medal:

Discipline: run
Dimensions: 66 x 70 mm
Ribbon: sublimation
Medal color: antique silver
Additional information: color filling, irregular shapes


Medal FĂŒnf-Seen-Lauf

Cast medal for “FĂŒnf-Seen-Lauf”

Features of the medal:
Dimensions: 60 x 75 mm
Collar: sublimated collar with snap hook
Medal color: silver
Additional info: color fill

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Frequently Asked Questions


We can produce bespoke medals in around 4 working weeks from the approval of the design.