Bespoke medals manufacturer

we design and create bespoke medals with passion and dedication

The medal is a special award. Therefore, it must be eye-catching, unique and timeless. That is why our team will create medals for you in any shape and color - all in excellent quality. Custom-made graphic designs of medals are prepared by a team of experienced designers who work with passion and commitment. To sum up, original design, precision and the highest quality - all these distinguish us among others.

We create bespoke medals for various occasions

running, triathlon, cycling and extreme events

Custom made running medals and cycling medals are very popular right now, especially medals prepared for virtual races

championships, regional and local competitions

Medals made by our company will add splendor to local sports events and competitions. Participants are always delighted with our custom medals

for companies, clubs, foundations, institutions

Medals for distinguished associates and employees. We also make medals for uniformed services and the military medals

jubilee occasions, anniversaries

Personalised medals for special occasions and anniversaries. Unforgettable medals designed for our clients are a souvenir for many years!

We are versatile and not afraid of challenges

Bespoke medals are made of ZnAl alloy, which makes them durable, solid and plastic - ideal for metalworking. Our medals can be galvanized to achieve one of the colours: antique gold, silver, bronze, shiny gold, silver, green gold. What distinguishes us is a possibility of galvanic coating in two colors on one medal. Each medal can be additionally enriched with: - patination - which gives the medallion an aged look, - adding colour enamell to any element on the medal

We cast medals only in steel moulds, which is why we obtain coin precision

What we achieved last year




Unique Medal Designs

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Bespoke Medals Made

We use steel dies to manufacture bespoke medals

Steel moulds used in TryumfTM are the highest class solution – commonly used synthetic moulds, much cheaper, are not as precise in the mapping of the shape and details of the medal as steel.

Benefits of using matrix of steel

high precision

unique shapes

low relief effect



Standard and personalised medal ribbons

In our offer you can find medal ribbons which will suit medals, military medals, awards and decorations. Doesn’t matter which type of medal you choose, good quality ribbons will be perfect match for them. You can choose from standard ribbons in various colours or personalised medal ribbons with colour print on them!

Sublimation satin, personalised ribbons with colour print. Ribbons are available in few widths, including standard one – 20 mm and are 900 mm in length.

Standard, made of woven polyester ribbons, available in many colours, sewed to the medals or attached with a metal hook.

Check out our realizations

Bespoke medals - Deutsher Jugend-Pokal
Guss Medaillen
Bespoke medals - Crosslaufserie
Guss-medaillen - Int Usedom-marathon 2019
Bespoke medals - 3 Silversterlauf Bremen
Custom made medals - Xletix Chaleange
Bespoke medals - Tv witzhelden alsperren SengbachLauf 2019
Custom made medals - Judo KSC ASAHI 3

Do you like our custom made medals?

Our experienced advisers will help you in each issue regarding the medal choosing.