WUAP World Championship

Cast gold medal with elements filled with enamel in 6 colours.

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Colourful medals for the WUAP World Weightlifting Championship

The colours perfectly refer to the colouration associated with the competition and the golden rims between the colours add to it attractiveness. Weightlifting is related to great strength and this, in turn, with a perfectly ripped body. At many competitions, the strongest athletes receive commemorative medals, which are usually hung around their necks. Therefore, the medal must stand out in size in order to look good against the background of sculpted, large muscles. For this reason, we have prepared cast medals of non-standard size for the WUAP World Championship. What’s more, the medals have an original, irregular shape with numerous decorations. Importantly, all these elements refer to the name and the theme of the event. On the surface of the medal you can see the German flag, a barbell and a graphic world. These decorations are filled with enamel in 6 colours. The whole is complemented by a personalized ribbon matching the design.

Medals dedicated to your event

Every strength sports competition is different. However, they are based on the same principles – there is always a winner who should be properly honoured. With WinMed, you can create the perfect reward for your event. We have been creating customized medals for strength competitions for years. Thanks to modern technology, passion and an individual approach, we are able to carry out virtually any project. Regardless of the shape, size, colour or materials used, you can be sure that WinMed medals will meet the highest quality standards. This is confirmed by years in the industry and hundreds of satisfied customers.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
75 x 55 mm
Antique gold
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting
Colour filling

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