WUAP European Championships 2022

Gold medals with lots of decorations filled with black and red enamel. The whole enriched with a personalized ribbon.

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The WUAP European Championships 2022 honoured with our cast medals

Strength sports is a discipline that requires many sacrifices from the athlete. Nevertheless, it is a sport that gives great satisfaction. Practising it regularly not only builds a strong figure, but also a strong character. Winning, therefore, is not only symbolic in this area but also a motivation to achieve even greater successes. The organizer of the WUAP European Championships, with the help of WinMed, created original weightlifting medals for the best athletes. These bespoke medals have a round shape and a golden colour that is associated with winning. What’s more, on its surface there are numerous three- dimensional decorations complemented by red and black enamel. The whole is topped with a sublimation ribbon with printed markings of the first, second and third place.

With WinMed you will make medals to individual orders

Are you looking for a medal that will perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the event you organize? You are in the right place! As an experienced medals manufacturer, we approach each order individually, designing medals in accordance with the client’s guidelines. In our offer you will find original medals made of various materials, including non-standard ones. We create medals with decorations made of resin, sand or supplemented with fluorescent paint. All this to make the implementation even more stand out from the others and be perfectly matched to the theme of the event, attracting its participants.

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Features of the medal:

Round shape
Ø 60 mm
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

High pressure casting
Colour filling

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