Women’s Triathlon

Beautiful cast medal full of colourful accents with 3D floral design.

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Original medals with a colourful 3D imprint for the Women’s Triathlon

The Women’s Triathlon is a physically demanding event that requires participants to demonstrate their athletic prowess. To honor the best competitors, WinMed creates custom medals that stand out with their unique design. The cast medal for this event features an overprint and a distinctive shape, with a bold, colorful print that showcases intricate details. A colorless varnish was applied for added shine. The personalized pink ribbon adds a touch of personalization. These triathlon medals serve as a lasting symbol of the effort and determination shown at The Women’s Triathlon.

Colourful medals for your event

The colours are undoubtedly eye-catching. Therefore, their proper use is particularly important in the design of medals. In our company, we care about perfect reproduction of all colours, precisely applying them to the surface of the medal. WinMed most modern machine park in the industry is reliable in such tasks. Thanks to it, we can adjust the prizes to each occasion, both sports and business. All this to make the end result delightful and memorable, increasing the popularity of the event you organize.

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Features of the medal:

Any shape
90 x 100 mm
personalised ribbon

Personalization techniques used:

UV 3D printing
High pressure casting

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